Found near Odiaxere - a racing pigeon - local contacts req´d urgently please!

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On Saturday 25/2, a young racing pigeon arrived at mymother's house near Odiaxere.  I am currently visiting my mother and gave the pigeon wild bird seed and water.  He/she was still at the house thisafternoon, Tuesday 28/2, although I removed the bird seed yesterday to try tomake him leave and find his home loft.  He has plenty of water to drink.  He is happy to approach me butwill not let me get close enough to read the rings on his legs. Would it be possible for somebody to put us in contact witha local pigeon club/association, please?  We would be very grateful and hope somehow to return him to his owner as soon as possible. I have no way of attaching the 2 pics I have of him to this message, unfortunately. In thehope that you can help us and with many thanks (landline 282687282).


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Hi - By now the bird may have gone away, but if not there is a way to post the photos. You can add a free classified under this category and will be able to add photos:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for letting me know how to do this DGD, it will be useful for the future!

We were given contact details for the Lagos association premises yesterday by LagosVet and went there immediately.  They advised me how to catch the pigeon, which I did easily as I had been the one feeding it and it trusted me. When I had caught it, I took it to the place in Lagos and they kindly took it from me. They confirmed that it was an adult hen bird, approximately 2 years old and from the North of Portugal and skinny.  They will keep her safe and feed her up.  Hopefully, I will find out next week exactly where she came from.  She was beautiful!

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