livery yards near loule ,

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hello, does anyone know any livery yards near loule ,  what's the going rate for here? kind regards


VilleRose 1443647090

Hi, just saw your post. Although I do not have an answer for you, I will be moving to the area with two horses as soon as we find a property. Where do you live? how is the riding over there? CheersA couple people told us to be careful of gypsies who steal horses, have you heard about that?

Crazychic 1444057156

Hi I am in the same position as you, moved here 6 weeks ago and looking for livery stables for a horse.  We have looked at quite a few. Our horse hopefully coming over in a months time.

There is a stables in the middle of loule indoor and outdoor schools lots of stables No turnout. Mostly portugese clients 200 euro per month.

showjumping yard also by loule really nice people go to lots of competitions 500 euro per month.

i have found some others too if you are prepared to travel a bit further 1 near villamoura and another almancil way. 300-350 euro per montI.

yes i had heard about the gypsys too 








VilleRose 1444064281

Hi and thanks for your note. I am not looking for livery but for a property with enough land to have my two horses at home like I have always had them. This complicates house hunting!

Crazychic 1444073843

Sorry livery details were for the post before yours x

we are house hunting too, in rented house til next spring but really looking forward to finding our own place.

good luck with your search x




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