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URGENT : LOST CAT at Monte de Barrabes, São Bras de Alportel ! She dissapeared ~ Aug.20th from the garden of the lady who was catsitting her. Our cat has a microchip and is wearing a red collar with our telephone number info. She is more of an indoor cat, isn't used to cat/dog company and so we're very worried about her. We've had her since she was a tiny kitten. Please contact us if you have seen her or have found her. Many thanks!!! We hope she is ok and will be home again very soon. encontra-me.org/anuncio/51432 OUR TELEPHONE : 920 491 507 PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Thank you for any advice! We've been looking, asking, putting out leaflets... & hoping. MUITO OBRIGADA!


Verinia 1441883259

Did you find her?

Caramellealgarve 1441928355

Tragically... her little lifeless body was found at the back of the catsitter's garden... no collar... her tail close by... A dog had crossed paths with her less than 48 hours before my friend found her. If only we had found her earlier. It's very unlike her to not have come nor answered any of the days we searched. The catsitter and her kids claimed they had no idea where she was. The neighbor saw her during our absence under a tree several times. We spread out flyers everywhere. It seems that Caramelle was afraid of the catsitter' cats and dog; it's a pity she wasn't kept separated inside the house as I had suggested. I feel devastated by what ifs, angry at the stupid dog and so sad for my dear little Caramelle

Jo James-751169 1442070791

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Horrendous when such a loss happens to our furry family members. You're in my thoughts and prayers and also remembering Caramelle.

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