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Good day all, I am seeking advice as importing our pet moggy in June.  Seeking a reputable link to gain pet insurance cover as resident in Pera Algarve and also reputable vet recommendations around Pera - Armacao, any advice most welcome please.


Victoria1st 1463902727

We brought our moggies over and have had and have many since. Our oldest lived to be 20 years ...great weather for an arthritic cat! For 14 years we have used the Clinica Veterinaria de Guia located in Alcantarilha on the south side of hhe 125 between Aldi and the turning to A de Pera.

Victoria1st 1463909839

Forgot to say, we have never found the need to purchase pet insurance, however, we do put a small amount away regularly for 'just in case' reasons. We find vet prices here reasonable and way under UK prices. Also, you can but Frontline and the like from some chemists here and pet supply shops (a good one in Algoz) at far cheaper prices than the vets charge.

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Hi, There is one here in the Directory,
I haven't used them personally, but hope thats's helpful.

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Hello Ladies, many thanks for your advice and appols for the late reply, just landed back in Pt. Most helpful thank you

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