Pygmy goats

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Bren Riches



Hi, I amliving in the Coimbra area, near Lousa . I am looking to buy 2 female kid pygmy goats. Can anyone tell where I would be able to get these from please  


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Dear Bren

The Coimbra area is covered by our sister site AngloINFO Lisbon. You would probably be better posting your request on there.




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There is an old 2012 blog entry here

It is by someone who appears to live in the Foz de Mondego area, the other side of Coimbra, no tto far from Lousa. .

email here:

In Portuguese, Pygmy goats are called

"Cabras Anãs" 

Loads for sale on Portuguese E-Bay type site...

Sellers from Abrantes, Chão de Couce, Mafra etc. (i.e. Plenty in the Central Region)




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Thank you, I  will try that

regards Brenda

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