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Hello, does anyone have any experience of shipping their dog to Faro from the UK? We are interested in this option as an alternative to driving our dog for an annual three week holiday in the Algarve. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated! Kathleen


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We brought 3 dogs out to Algarve last month through a dog courier service.

Fire away questions and try to answer them.



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Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me the cost - I realise it may be different for three than for one - bulk discount!? Were you happy with the service? Were the dogs happy?

Many thanks,


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Hi i flew my girl from cardiff to faro with bmibaby she travelled really

Well i was more stressed than her, only difficulty was finding her at faro airport

Think it cost about £600 ????

Kathleen and Maya 1436856592

Thanks very much. I've contacted two places now and both are quoting in the region of £900. - i think we'll drive!


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Hi kathleen

Not really a reply that will help you decide but we do the eurotunnel then drive to Lagos twice a year, with good standard dog friendly hotels, tunnel, fuel and toll it cost about £900 that include all meals , drinks and snacks. its a three day, 7 hours drive per day with stops.

I have done it with one overnight stop but its not nice!


Hope info helps. 

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We have flown our dog twice from Gatwick to Faro.  We will never fly him again.  He seemed okay the first time but traumatised the second time.  You have to get a large crate that conforms with all the regulations and that is expensive in itself.  Then the flight is costly and you have to leave the dog in the crate for hours before takeoff and then wait ages at cargo to collect him.   Our dog is now petrified of thunderstorms. He never was and we think he relates to the rumble of the plane in flight.  He shakes and it is so upsetting to see him in such a state.  Dont do it.  You will regret it. 

Kathleen and Maya 1437410521

Driving does seem better for all concerned. Many thanks for replies!


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Can anybody tell us what are the rules for taking a dog in a car, we are planning on taking our dog back to Uk in the car, do they have to be in a "dog crate" or similar or just restrained?

Many thanks


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Has anyone used the Brittany Ferries/Santander route?  I intend to bring my 3 small dogs on this route next month. Whats the score on having them muzzled?

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Hi They must be attached to the seat belt clip using the normal colar attachment.

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