Two abandoned sterilized cats need forever home

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Can anybody offer these two cats a home? Their owner died last October & I have been looking after them ever since. I also have sterilized them. However, now it looks like I need to move home in the next couple of months and really need to find them a permanent home. The male is super friendly & lively and would be best suited to an indoor/outdoor home. His sister is gentle but not tame and would like an outdoor home (I can provide kennel for her) - she just needs someone to feed her. I really don't want to separate them as she relies on his company - they play together, sleep together and eat together. They are near Loule but can be brought anywhere! 


alres 1462430725

Have you also posted on FB:
good luck with finding them a new home!

James 1462451351

Hi Alres,

They have already been posted in that group, here is the link and photos of the two cats if anyone is interested.....

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