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are their any vets in the vicinity near benagil


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Thanks for reply but i can't get it up

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".....Thanks for reply but i can't get it up"

You might need to see a Doctor rather than a Vet? ;)


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Copy and paste the link as its not a live hyperlink. Good luck on both counts!


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Just google veterinario and benagil

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This website has all the information you need, that's why it's called AngloINFO (Information in English, see!) I find all my stuff on here, because I know that the businesses speak English and my Portuguese isn't brilliant yet.

You can search in the Directory for vets Benagil (the search is on the right hand side)


Also, once you have posted a link here, if you just copy and paste it into the box which comes up when you click on the little chain symbol above, where it says "Inset link", it becomes active to the website

I hope that helps you with getting it up and finding a vet!


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Villapet Carverieo if that helps.

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