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Our lovely terrier cross dog, Bella, went missing from our home in Vale dei Rei, Carvoeiro on Tuesday 14th July. She is small to medium size, scruffy beige-coloured. She has a very soft temperament and is very friendly. She is spade and microchipped and we desparately want her home. If you have any information regarding her whereabouts please call 969069399. Many thanks.

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hi. I have 4 kittens to give for anyone who is interested. 2 male, 2 females , aprox. 7 weeks oldpictures are available. thanks

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Can anyone give a good home to a german shepherd puppy slight mix with something else but looks like a shepherd. Very nervous as have not had a good start so need loving homes. Please cl 935432221

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Gorgeous kittens looking for loving homes - two males and two females - ginger and white male, ginger male, tabby female and white and tabby female. Energetic, very loving black and white female puppy looking for a new home. 9 weeks old. Currently in a foster home. Will be medium when fully grown. Please call me - katy on 911084377 if you are interested.

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Lost on June 10th Location: Quinta Dos Brejos, Vale Da Pedras, Albufeira Female Brown/Black Chiuahuaha - answers to the name 'COCO' Collar fitted, with single bell. Presumed run away, but may well have been taken from the premises (large garden gate) Reward Offered for safe return - owner is distraught. HELP !!

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Abandoned in Faro large size 9 weeks old puppy, tan with blakc face, very well behaved, needs loving home. Please call me for a visit. 282449650

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NUNO is a three year old male dog. Went missing yesterday 28th May at 11am. Last seen in Vale do Lobo. He is 20kg, castrated, wearing a blue collar, brown scruffy coat, bushy tail, big brown eyes - If you think you may have seen him and would like to confirm with a picture then please email katerex_22@hotmail.co.uk (Sorry i dont know how to put pictures here) He is a much loved member of the family and we are desperate to have him home. He answers to his name (NUNO) Thanks. Katy - 911084377

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Stopped for a dog in distress today near the Algarve shopping off the 125 Gave her some biscuits and water and then she jumped into the back seat of the car she has a collar that is too big for her and she is really thin she was terriefied at first but now really friendly. She has one blue eye and one brown . Have phoned lots of rescue places found in Portugal News but no-one seems to want to help I am in an apartment and cannot keep her Any idea's PLEASE

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7 weeks old. They can be seperated. Male will be medium when fully grown - very playful Female will be small when fully grown - loves to cuddle. Wormed - First injection being done this week. In the process of house training. Please email me for pictures: katerex_22@hotmail.co.uk or call me to come and meet them. 919100160

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Where would be a good place to go to get pet health insurance please?

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Right, I want a pet but I don't want a cat, a dog or a fish. What can I get?

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One of the very best quality aquariums available. With a smart finish and modern design these are truly the top end of the market. The aquarium is suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine and include lighting, filter & heater.Total Volume: 619 litresUseful Volume: 580 litresGlass: 10 mmWeight Aquarium: 130 kgDimensions: 201cm W x 51cm x D 70,5 cm HMust sell quickly due to move.PLEASE CALL 938776095

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Another dog needing a new permanent loving home - we will also consider a foster home for the time being. Max is a four year old male - half husky half alsation. (please enquire if you would like to see pictures) Very young at heart, max is a patient, healty dog who loves to be outside. He is good with other dogs. Due to unfortunate circumstances, max's owners will have to leave the algarve on sunday. Please send me a message if you would like anymore information on max or if you know someone who may be interested. Thanks again. Katy working to find animals loving homes

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A friend of mine sadly has to go back home to the U.S in October and really needs to find homes for two of her dogs - Huskie and Queenie. Huskie is around 7 years old, excellent guard dog but only barks when he feels it is necessary. He has one brown eye and one blue, shorter legs than your average husky dog but otherwise is the real thing. Loves to be outside, loves playing and getting cuddles. Is fine with cats. Queenie is around 2 years old and also loves to be outside. Small brown mixed breed female. She is also good with cats and other dogs. For some unknown reason, she does not like to go inside. She is very playful. These two dogs are completly inseperable and never leave eacothers side so they will need to be re homed together. Please let me know if you would like to see pictures of the two dogs. They really do deserve to continue thier excellent lives in new homes. They are both completly up to date with thier injections and have both been castrated. Thank you very much. Katy working to find animals loving homes

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I found a little male pup in the rubbish bin near my home yesterday. I picked him up, have taken him to the vets. He was not in a very good way. I am now looking to find him a new home. We think he is around 6 - 8 weeks. Will be no more than 10 kilos. Short fur, big brown eyes. Very loving. Poor Alfie just needs a kind person to give him a forever home. Please contact me on katerex_22@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested. If not, please pass this message onto anyone who you think may be interested. Thank you very much. Katy

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Are there any day care centers for dogs in Algave? It would have to be in the regions of Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa, Silves, Messines or Loulé. If not, I would need a dog hotel that could recieve a dog very early in the morning... I would pick um up later in the day. I do not want him to spend the night alone. My perents will have to go away on holliday and can't take our family dog. He will be staying with me but I work and we do not want to leave him alone in the house all day long... The places I indicate are in my rout towards work...

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I am looking for a petsitting service, any ideas.

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Please help. Last Sept we adopted a Lurcher who had 6 pups in Nov. We have been able to find homes for 2 of them but desparately need to home the remaining 4. We have 1 girl and 3 boys, they have been wormed and are happy and healthy and will be Labrador size. We already have 2 dogs and sadly are unable to keep them all. If you can offer a loving home please contact me.

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Hi, Can anybody recommend a good vet in the Quarteira/ Loule/ Almancil area that charges reasonable rates please? I get the feeling that I am being over-charged at the vets that I currently use. Hope somebody can help. Also, can anyone tell me what is the usual amount for a vet to charge to spay a bitch? Thanks.

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Ok - I've had enough now! Any tips, ideas and recommendations for warding these little blighters off. They love me but the feelings not mutuel. Please, any suggestions?

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