started by: maverick-743236 · last update: 1211300613 · posted: 1211234556

there are a friendly couple in lagos who will look after your pets plants and house sit whilst you are away on holidays but you will need to book well in advance on 282688293

started by: marmalade-743175 · last update: 1211275464 · posted: 1210502313

Are the birds you see nesting high on chimneys, cranes etc. around Lagos storks? I find it fascinating to see them flying around and just wondered if I had identified them correctly? The builders erected some scaffolding around a chimney they demolished so that the nest could be saved - fantastic!

started by: caladohelena · last update: 1210767888 · posted: 1210767888

Some advices: Algarve, like most of Portuguese beaches, is subject of season tourism. So if you want to go with your dogs to a beach I advice for you to do so in a very early/late hour. Another thing I have notice is the lack of control of dogs that are being walk on public streets. Portuguese law obligates everyone to use leaches and please do try to use them and clean after the dog relief it self. Finally, we also have vets, training centers, dog shows, breeders, shops, hotels, sitters and dog cleaners. So, any dog can be proper taken care in our country if everyone obeys the basic social rules. I hope you can enjoy comming to Portugal !

started by: Twizzle-743177 · last update: 1210584100 · posted: 1210258090

Can anyone recommend boarding kennels here in the Algarve - western and central area.

started by: marmalade-743175 · last update: 1208087355 · posted: 1207496480

Are there any animal sanctuaries in the Western Algarve area for cats/dogs?

started by: becky-743028 · last update: 1206267011 · posted: 1206267011

Hi, Just wondering if anyone needs a pet or house sitter . I have lots of experience particularly with dogs of any size but other pets too. I have house/pet sat in Portugal, Monaco , Nice and the UK. I also have experience working in kennels , as a veterinary nurse and as a Dog Warden. If you are interested please get in touch. becky.dunn@yahoo.co.uk

started by: cubalibra · last update: 1204974634 · posted: 1204654158

Ive been thinking of getting a snake. but will i be able to source a supply of food for it, please?

started by: dotty-742621 · last update: 1204448832 · posted: 1204281375

We rescued a young cat last summer and he has now been neutered. Hes a lovely boy but has become so naughty since the op. Has anyone else had this problem, if so what did you do to solve it?

started by: dotty-742621 · last update: 1202893387 · posted: 1202724614

Our cat just came back with a streak of black paint on her, Whats the safest way to remove it?

started by: smiles-742456 · last update: 1201783070 · posted: 1188310494

Just back from vet with newly adopted kitten. All checked out and surprisingly well, now needing a name. Would like something local any ideas. Kitten is mostly black with white smudge on face. Ahhhhhh so sweet.

started by: grahamg-742455 · last update: 1201597613 · posted: 1201173330

I need to get some insurance for my pets anyone know a good company please.

started by: grahamg-742455 · last update: 1201012738 · posted: 1200398542

We have got loads of stray cats round, is there a cat sterilisation programme in the Algarve, to nip this problem in the bud.

started by: Will-742583 · last update: 1197452985 · posted: 1197365058

We're trying to get hold of a copy of the rescue dogs calendar that everyone's talking about. Do you know where we can buy one?

started by: damian-742580 · last update: 1196409609 · posted: 1196344238

I want to adopt a stray cat but the other half is wary. Is there a health risk from scatches and bites as she thinks or will a visit to the vet( or two ) solve problems,if there are any.

started by: pepper-742632 · last update: 1194902405 · posted: 1189677437

I have a bit of free time at weekends and was thinking of volunteering to help an animal organisation or shelter. Any ideas of organisations that would welcome the assistance?

started by: whoops · last update: 1194767340 · posted: 1194600916

Is it best to get two kittens so that they have a play mate. We have lots of room and no other pets. Good garden area that's very secure, What do other cat owners suggest?

started by: whoops · last update: 1194681917 · posted: 1194602235

I am soon to get a kitten(s) and want to give the best start whats the best way to fed a young cat?

started by: jeff-742725 · last update: 1192206723 · posted: 1192136571

If you are a puppy lover this is your chance to own a three month old English Bulldog puppy will be going to any loving and caring home contact for more details

started by: jeff-742725 · last update: 1192183831 · posted: 1192136262

cute and adorable yorkie puppie for adoption very frinedly and loving with kid and other home pets if you are a puppy lover and will like to have thew puppy then feel free to contact for more detials will go to any loving and caring home

started by: Will-742583 · last update: 1190741533 · posted: 1190628194

I'm searching for a dog grooming parlours around the Algarve. Has anyone found one that they could recommend?

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