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Has any person seen my Portuguese water dog Puppy. Lost or stolen from my farm 

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All the dogs passports etc is in order. Was hoping someone could recommend a company , or person that could help me.

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We bought 3 young chickens approx 12 weeks ago, 2 of them have turned out to be cockerels We are looking for a Hen about 4 - 6 months old, or point of lay, to put with our other hen, we don’t want her to be on her own when we get rid of the 2 Boys ;-) Does anyone need a cockerel? Has anyone got hens for sale, we are in Paderne/Albufeira area. Regards Les

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Has anyone got an Irish Setter in the  Eastern Algarve.  We will look after yours if you look after ours for holidays , trips to the UK etc.  No kennels, must be in your home as part of the family. Our setter is very friendly. No problem with other dogs. 11 years old.  Not boisterous and well housetrained. 

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Has anyone got an Irish Setter in the Algarve . 

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Are there any animal sanctuaries near Lagos-Odiaxere?  We'll be looking into getting a dog when we live there in 2-3 months time. Thanks

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Hi I can help you with pet sitting, dog grooming and any unwanted behaviours your pets may be showing such as pulling on the leash, jumping on visitors, hyperactivity and nervousness etc.

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Hi,want a little pony castrated.  Can't afford much. Does anyone know a good person to do it as he escapes all the time.

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Will you take a puppy for me to Yorkshire ? end of may.  I will pay small amount.

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Hi anyone got some spare land, and water for some moscovy ducks, need to be rehomed

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone could help Î am trying to get my dogs to Ireland but there seems to be very limited options so am wondering if I can get them to the UK, iit would be a help. Does anybody know of anyone that is doing the journey and would take them with. thanks 

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 We are trying to re-house a friends’ elderly cat after her owner recently passed away.   We have tried to fit her into our home but she is used to being the only animal around.  We have 3 dogs and 4 other cats on the property and she is finding it very hard to settle in here.  She really needs a quiet space with no other animals.  She is 10 years old and used to using a litter tray as she used to live in an apartment with her owner.  She comes with everything needed, cat box, covered litter tray, bowls and some food and kitty litter.  Can you help?

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has anyone (or know of anyone) who has lost a large male young dog in the algoz area.  he is mainly beige colour with a dark muzzle and ears.  wearing a leather collar.  about one year old.  very calm and friendly.  used to people.  and in good condition.  please call me if any information thank you 965 404 671

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Visitng Albufeira twice yearly I always worry about the pigeons ands  birds in the main square and environs whom I feed daily during my 5 or 6 weeks stays.  I would love to hear from anyone who also feeds them, or indeed, or who feed them through the winter.

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Hi we have over 4,000 sq.M of land with fruit trees in Paderne, we already have 4 dwarf goats which are just great, I would love to have a donkey too, any ideas if we could rescue one or even just foster one? (I know.... I must be crazy...) Cheers. Les

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Visitng Albufeira twice yearly I always worry about the birds in the main suqare whom I feed daily during my 5 or 6 weeks stays.  I would love to hear from anyone who also feeds them, or indeed, or who feed them through the winter.

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Hello dog lovers, I presently take care of a boxer (on a voluntary basis), which means I take him out for exercise and do other things for him.  I must travel a bit over the next few months and hope to find someone I can pay to take him out for walks each day that I am away. He is a strong dog, so I would need someone who is strong, too.  I do want to pay well for this service as I want him to have all the exercise he needs while I am away. If you know of anyone who might be interested, would you let me know? Obrigada, Maryanne

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I was told by a  restaurant owner the other day that there is a total ban on bringing dogs into restaurants across Portugal. Is this really true?

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Hi there, can anyone help me? I am moving at the end of the month into rented accomodation until our villa is finished being built. The problem is I cant take my two pet hens with me. They need a loving home until their place will be ready early next year. I have a white hen that is over 10 years old plus her little black hen that she hatch from a fertailsed egg. Both are very tame, love being picked up and spoilt. I hope someone can come to their rescue. I wont just put them into a pen of unloved hens.

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Can anyone clarify the new dangerous dog rules in Portugal. I have an English Bull Terrier. She is not a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or any of the others listed on the Dangerous Dogs list. We have been to police and they say she does fit the category of the dangerous, but we have met with a Portugese owner with the same dog breed in the Algarve and he said she does not have to be registered or muzzled. Can anyone help?

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