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We've just updated the INFOpage for information on travelling with, or moving, your pet to Portugal from another European country, the UK or further afield... http://algarve.angloinfo.com/information/moving/moving-pet-animals/ The update clarifies the timing of microchipping and the rabies vaccine to read: The date of the animal’s anti-rabies vaccination/revaccination must be later than the date of electronic identification (chipping). Source: Direcção-Geral de Veterinária, DGV Additional pages are included in the update: Bringing your EU pet to Portugal Moving Non-EU Pets to Portugal The INFOpage: Moving Pets between Portugal, the UK and Ireland contains no changes.    

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can anybody help me get dog licence? I have been to Junter in Silves But they said i need Residency first

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Need to house my two cats in November and having great trouble trying to find a cattery.  Can anyone recommend any good, clean and caring catteries, preferably in Eastern Algarve but willing to look at any distance.

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Person wanted to hel;p with  animals.  Dog lover. To care for dogs. None  Alcohal and Smoker.  Must have own transport or bike. Computer Litterate. Email me

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Hi, does anyone know of or have a small hen hut. I am moving tempoally. Maximum 6 months, but want to take my pet hens with me. Their hen hut wont last the jorney and I fear will fall apart if moved. So need anohter one. Can anyone help please. I am moving from Tavira to Moncarapcho. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Can someone please let us know where or what The Canil or Canil is, we have a stray cat that has adopted us and now she has had 3 kittens, we don’t want her to have any more because we are now looking after all 4 of them. In a previous discussion a kind person told us about Canil but we have no idea what or where this is, we’ve heard that some vets neuter cats for just a donation, is this true? We live near Paderne Kind regards. Les

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On behalf of an astonishingly loving, generous young woman visiting Portugal from Sweden I am appealing for folk with air transport boxes for animals to dig them out of the garage/office/etc., to loan to Sophia.  She has adopted four of seven pups who were born in the bush, the mother having been abandoned.  Passports are being attained - and we know what that costs - and she is transporting them home but would like to borrow two sturdy carriers (2 x pups in each +- 14kgs) which she will get back to you if necessary.  If you don't have any but know where we could find two, please let me know.  Many many thanks.

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Hi We've heard that if you have a stray female cat that youve adopted you can take it to a vet and they will Nueter it free of charge, is this true? If they do charge any idea of cost. Weve been looking after this cat since October last year, we think this is her first litter, we would like to carry on looking after her and two of her kittens, we need to find good homes for the other two. Many thanks. Jules

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We're due to move in August to a more rural part of the country. We have a dog at the moment, and would like a couple of Tabby kittens for  to keep her company now we have room for them all.. Can anyone help please..

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As I came home from Tavira town today I saw a puppy dog on the road side and thought it had been abandoned. I was right because on my second return tonight it was still there. I went back and gave it some food and water. It was so sweet and freindly. But I had to leave it as I have pet hens that are afraid of dogs. If anyone out there thinks they could give this male puppy dog a home, please get back in touch with me. Please ask around.

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WE are desperatly searching some one who can shave our sheep. Does anybody know some one? Denise 96 553 88 56

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Is there a place where we can buy a couple of Pygmy Goats we are in Paderne near Albufeira. I would like a Donkey too but my Mrs wont let me, are they easy to look after? Cheers Les

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Hi, we adopted a young cat about 6 months ago, well she adopted us really... When we first started to leave food and water for her she seemed to have quite a large belly for a small young cat, weve noticed over the last couple of months or so that she really is a barrel on legs, she eats regular in fact she eats all the time but we do restrict her and dont over feed. Because she's quite scatty we would have problems putting her in a transport basket/cage to take her to the vets, we were wondering if she has just got worms...any ideas?? Many thanks. Les  

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Hi there I was wondering if anybody out there had any advice on how to correct long sloping front pasterns on one of my young horses. I have a very good farrier who comes reguarly to trim just the front of the hoof and file the back slightly to stimulate growth. Maybe there is something else that would help, like ankle supports or figure 8 bandaging ? I bought this horse for my young son so he will not be cantered excessively so I am not too worried about stress on the ligaments but would like to correct the conformation if I can. Thank you for reading this. Wendy

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Does anyone have a training crate they can sell or lend me? I getting a puppy!

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Hi - live in France at the moment and am thinking of moving to the Algarve. Is it dog friendly? Have a little pooch and want to know that she is welcome as well. Am a "good" owner as clean up after her etc but just wanted to know if she would be allowed in bars when we go for a drink etc. Thanks

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Calling all dog owners . . . . . Why oh why are so many dog owners of every nationality NOT bothering to pick up their dogs mess with a bag and disposing of it? We have two dogs and like to regularly go on the beach as it's a great meeting place and the dogs have a really good time. But we are seeing more and more people just letting their dogs do this and making no effort to clean up their mess. I know in the summer dogs are not allowed on a lot of beaches but if we are not careful then the Portuguese council will ban all dogs from their beaches. The argument that the tide will just wash it away or you can't get bags or there are strays that go on the beach or even the mentality that this is Portugal so no one cares just doesn't make sense.  You can get bags on a role from the ABC's etc and if you let your dogs do this in your own country you would end up with a fine or mimimum get a lot of grief from people seeing your dog mess the place up. It looks bad, is bad and no one wants to step in dog mess. So before it's too late, make a bit of effort and clean up after your dog

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Hi, Could anyone inform us how to get  our dogs 'pet passports' -  ready to come down with us at Easter? They seem very 'unhelpful' at our local vet.  Many thanks in advance. Also - any good gyms around the Boliqueime area?  

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My little dog has lost his pal and is very depressed and lonely.  I cannot take on another long term dog because of my age but would be glad to foster a mature dog, (must like cats) for short term. I would only need cost of food.  I live in Lagos.  Call me on 282 799111.

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Whilst my UK based charity Paws In Need, reg 1110537 help whenever we can the wonderul aid being given  for strays in Albufeira, I would love to hear from any bird lovers who may already feed the birds -  and yes I mean pigeons as well as sparrows - in the main square and environs.  Visiting 2 or 3 times yearly I feed them daily and worry about their survivial.  Suzanne.

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