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I have seen a beautiful large female dog at the first beach as you enter Ferragudo.  I realized she is either lost or abandoned.  I called the Refguio dos Burros and they explained they could not take her.  I was advised to bring her the most delicious meals I could.  So I have been making chicken and rice and other meals and leaving her water.  She has a lot of fur (she looks like a collie, though she has the markings of a Shepherd), so I am not worried about her being too cold.  I do not see her everyday as she seems to roam around.  She loves to be by people and seems to try to find them.  I am new to Ferragudo, so I do not know all the rescues.  Next week another woman has offered to help me to get her to the vet to check for a microchip as this woman has had more luck actually seeing her than I have.  Would anyone like to offer any advice as how to best help this beautiful dog?  Thank you very much.  Maryanne 

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Would anyone like a Bantam cockerel? We have three youngest we hatched from a clutch of 8, they need to be re homed or roasted very shortly!

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Today we mourn for a 2 and a half year old, healthy, cheeky happy cat. One week ago she became ill, we waited a day before taking her to the vet. He checked her over and said she had a temperature and gave her 2 injections and said she would be ok quickly. Over the weekend she became worse, didn't eat or drink, and slept a lot. Today we took her back to the vet and they kept her in and applied drip feed her. They said they would phone at the end of the day with her progress. We had the phone call and sadly she had passed away, the vet said it was a virus. We will see him tomorrow and find out the name of this virus. But in the meantime, has anybody else experience the same as us? Is there a cat virus going around? If so what are they doing about it/what can we do about it? We live in the Loule area. Please let us all know, thank you.

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Hi, Can anyone tell me what the law says about the conditions which must be provided for an animal's ( in this case a large young dog on a short chain) living conditions. Also what intervention might be made if these conditions do not appear to be met. Thanks.

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New home wanted for a german shepherd dog Male about 18months old -2 years he was wandering in our area and in mid October we got him into our enclosed area with our two dogs and a cat.  He is very affectionate but still a bit scared.   would anyone like to come and see him with a view to takeing him home and giving him the love and affection he craves.

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I have owned Shepherds all my life and need to replace my big guy who has recently and very sadly passed on to the big kennel in the sky! So, I am looking for a pure bread German Shepherd from pup to 6 months old. Prefer Male, but bitch would be considered. Any type considered but again would prefer white long haired. Not asking for much really!!!! I will travel anywhere for the right dog. Anyone Help??

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We are moving to the Algarve with our 2 dogs at the beginning of next year.  We live in Wales at present and have walks from our house where they can run free of the lead.  Are there parks/walks around the Boliqueime area where we can walk them off the lead? What's the general protocol re- dog walking? Thanks Di  

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Heart-rending article from SOS Algarve Animals and so representative. Follow this link: Dear Abandoner       

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Hi every body, please keep a look out for my sisters missing dog. It was last seen at their home this morning. It is a labrador cross. It's big but still only a puppy. She is called Cookie and she has a collor and also a small lump on her head. There place is near Tavira in Bodega in the asseca valley.If sited please call 922292293. Thankyou.

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 I am going to England 18th November in a car. I will take your dog /cat for 200 euros I will walk your dog and take care of them, as i love animals very much. . Regards Pat

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Hi out there, is there any hen lovers among you? I have a three hens as pet, which I love dearly. Two of them are over 8 years old and I f ear that they may die soon and leave my 4 years old little black hen all alone. I think she is a Australorp breed, but not sure as she was bought as a fertalised egg  for one of the other hens, that went broody on me. So I have been thinking that it would be nice to get her a cockerel. I would like the same breed as her and a tame frendly hen, which is used to being picked up and petted. I know this is a tall order, but can anybody help me, please? I live in the Tavira area and my mobile number is 922292293. Thank you. Please ask around for me.

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can anyone tell me how much it costs to stable a horse monthly in the algarve, and where?

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Overpopulation - getting to the root of the problem. An excellent, thought-provoking, article written by Laura McGeoch of SOS Algarve Animals in her blog All About Rescue. Absolutely worth the time to read and reflect. It has already drawn well-balanced comment in response too. Please click on this link : Overpopulation  

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We are travelling through Spain and Portugal to the Algarve in January with our pet Labrador. We plan to stop over near Burgos and badajoz en route to Albufeira and would appreciate any advice or recommendations regarding places to stay, hotels or b&bs, as so far our Internet searches have found nothing.  Thanks.

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I have taken in a dog from owners who are not interested in feeding her. They also have a small tan coloured one. I am on hols so cant keep her. Looking for a home. She is free ,you just need to pick up. She was in a terrible state. She has been to vet and had tests for diseases. All she needs is lots of food and love. She has a great temerament and is good with cats and other dogs. She is black ,looks like a cross between a labrador and whippet. I can send photos.

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Hi everyone ,has anybody got an idea about how go around stoping your neighbours  howling dog, it whines from sun up until around lunch time ,I have spoken to the owner and he has done nothing about it,is it a council issue or GNR, and I dont want to fall out with the people, anyone had this problem cheers Mike

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Hello everyone, my son 2 years old has a chicken who's doing an egg every day, we're going on holiday a few weeks, just looking if someone have chickens and if my chicken can stay with them the time of our holiday. I will pay the food. thank you for your answers. 

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Relocated last week near Lagos and in need of a large animal vet if anyone can help. 

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Hello.   i am desperately looking for someone, that is a dog lover and that has space and interest in looking after my 2 labrador´swhile i go through the transition of moving abroad.  I have a 7 mth white lab (female) and 15 mth black lab (female) they are great pets and are great together with people, children and other dogs. I am desperatlely trying to find someone that will takecare of the possibly for a couple of months, could be less. I hope to leave at the end of this month, starting from June. I can not afford to pay much but i would cover all expenses, food and anything extra that may occur.    If you love dogs and have space, i would be over the moon if you would like to home my two labs for a short time, i do not want to seperate them or re home the youngest as my intention is to then return and take them with me. Please contact for any details thank you  nikole

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HiOur beloved dog, Kera, was lost in the Guia/Vale de Parra area on Thursday 22 October 2009. She is black, white and silver, is medium sized, has a bright red collar with XOXO on it and is very friendly.If anyone has seen her can you please contact us ASAP.

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