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We are looking for 2 donkeys to come and live with us. We have land and shelter and are looking to keep the donkeys as pets.

started by: Kumi-755056 · last update: 1360174768 · posted: 1345451633

I just want to alert everyone that unfortunately some Portugese people will not hesitate to plant poisoning if they are afraid of your dog or worried about their flock. We just left Portugal because our beautiful healthy Rhodesian Ridgeback died from poisoning. We were out on our usual walk and apparently shepherds might have put poisons -- by the time we realized our boy was really sick (convulsions, diarrhea, vomiting, trembling of back legs) and got him to a vet - it was too late. The vet explained they have many such cases each week and they feel hopeless at the situation. So be careful! and don't hesitate to go the vet at the very first sign that something is wrong. Best.

started by: Pauln-746192 · last update: 1359465765 · posted: 1358947365

Hi, has anyone experienced going through th legal papers and procedures for bringing a dog in to the Algarve from the U.K. I have never taken a dog overseas before and I would like to know what is required of dog owners before bringing them to the Algarve?

started by: massimo181 · last update: 1358342060 · posted: 1358333109

Hi, Looking for a good vets near Faro for my cat. Thanks.

started by: pepper123salt · last update: 1357825655 · posted: 1357634572

can anyone help me with paperwork to export a dog from portugal to england

started by: Mykidkai2000 · last update: 1356556912 · posted: 1349898615

HI does anyone know if there is anywhere in the Eastern or Central Algarve where you can hire horse boxes or trailers by the day (or 2?) many thanks JO

started by: SuzanneT-885819 · last update: 1356181540 · posted: 1356181540

I visit Albufeira twice yearly and always feed the birds in the central square (old town).  Does anyone living there also feed them?  I am always concerned about their survival as no-one else, bars,cafes etc seemed to bother about the poor things.  You can email me on suzannethorpe123@btinernet.com

started by: kingston-754426 · last update: 1354626249 · posted: 1352715000

We rescued a Little Owl from the main road 2 weeks ago, I do not think it is an owlet it is about 9 inches high. Is there a bird sanctuary or perhaps anyone with knowledge of wild birds who can take on the responsibility,  We have a colony of cats on our land we feed, so loathe to let it free at present. .  

started by: Belka-753266 · last update: 1351679619 · posted: 1344292645

Hello. Responsible woman, non-smoker, non-drinker available to house sit and look after pets, horses and/or farm animals while you are away. References available.

started by: chrisday2 · last update: 1351155981 · posted: 1348050889

Does anyone have any idea where i could find a tortoise for sale at all,i am based in Luz and would really love to have one but have no idea where to look as i haven't even seen a pet shop to ask in. Many thanks  Chris.

started by: CarvoeiroManager · last update: 1349362707 · posted: 1348240943

Litter of kittens, about 5 weeks old, near Ferragudo   help available with vaccinations etc

started by: shelly-753246 · last update: 1348494604 · posted: 1348315230

We have mixed boys & girl puppies Free to a good home , they are 19 weeks old . Please email. Thanks 

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Raul, a big male dog, black with some white in the paws, resembling a husky, was lost in Armação de Pera, 2 weeks ago. We have been looking everywhere and still didn't loose hope that somebody will see him and we can have him back. He could be anywhere in the Algarve. Please if you think you saw him, contact us. Thank you very much. My mobile is 966879802.

started by: Iduarte58 · last update: 1345756693 · posted: 1345650907

Hello everybodyMy daughter's dog, Raul, a big male, black fur with some white in paws and face, looks like an husky but it is a mongrel, disappeared in the area of Armação de Pera last sunday, the 19th of August. As he runs a lot he might be trying to come back to his home in the area of Santa Bárbara de Nexe. He could be anywhere in the Algarve. Please if you think you saw him, contact me and I will send pictures to confirm it is him or I will go immediatly to check. We are desperate. Please help us.Thanks. Isabelmob. 966879802

started by: ray jones-754773 · last update: 1345630133 · posted: 1341257386

Hi everyone who has a dog here in the Algarve........I moved here in may this year 2012 and coming from a big city where I have always had a dog (West Highland Terrier by the way) ...... very clever and well trained........ I am shocked to find out how unfriendly cafe owners are!, I don't want to take my dog inside but I think it is also not nice when I was walking by the beach (not on the beach) and decided to have a coffee some snack and water on a terrace that's outside which was also empty being 10am in the morning..... and was told i could not sit there with the dog......who was on his lead........... they say it is the law is this right ? As most of us who have dogs here and bring our dogs here they are a part of our family........ Also the same subject wanted to take the train up to Lisbon.... from Faro....... for the dog it was also full fare whichI paid return...... and the dog was on the floor the whole journey ........ asleep. then the Conductor, who was very aggressive and could only speak Portugues,e which yes is right this is Portugal but some off us are trying to learn the language also..... tells me that the dog should have a muzzle on in the train. which I was not told at the train station when I paid for the ticket........... but sitting in first class and small children running from the buffet car and back in to the compartment the whole journey was ok...... It is kind off putting me off moving here for good if this is the way people who care and look after there animals are being treated........

started by: oscarbosca · last update: 1342453661 · posted: 1342277646

Please can anyone tell me where there is a decent boarding kennel for my little dog. Must be clean and the owners must be dog lovers. After visiting a couple in the last few months, I am losing faith. Please help.

started by: Larry-754894 · last update: 1342404114 · posted: 1338475206

We would like to borrow a dog for the summer! Fenced rural property. LDJENNINGS@hotmail.com

started by: Diz-754299 · last update: 1338717555 · posted: 1334295070

Can anyone help me to transport myself and my 2 retreivers back to the UK at the end of the month. I did come over here with a pet chauffeur but he was very expensive and did not stop hardly at all for the dogs. I need to travel with them as I have heard some terrible stories of how they are treated if the owner is not there. 962 212 133 email l: lizzier2011@gmail.com

started by: Diz-754299 · last update: 1338415641 · posted: 1338415641

Hi, Am single lady and looking to get myself and my 2 dogs back to uk asap. Can anyone help and tell me what price? Many thanks 962 212 133

started by: OLIVE MORONEY · last update: 1335811293 · posted: 1335791591

We are traveling to Portugal - Carverio on holidays soon and need to find a vet in or near carverio for our assistance dog which needs to be vetted 24hrs prior to flying home. Does anyone know of a vet nearby.

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