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Hi Does anybody know of an inexpensive, compassionate (maybe asking too much) Vet. My dog is having a couple of problems which I need to sort out but cannot afford the 'High Street Vets'. Loule area if poosible. Thank you

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Hi Have you lost or know anyone who has lost a small white, caniche type dog. It's a boy and was found in my garden this morning. He has a dark red collar on and is calm and sociable. Doesn't look old (maybe only 1 or 2 years old but not certain) and looks like he has been cared for. If you know whose dog this is please call me on 919 626 234. Dawn

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I would like to present to you a shelter Cantinho da Milu, in Palmela/Setubal - south of Lisbon.The place is a amazing - very big, at least a hectar of land. But so many dogs! Around 400 dogs rescued from the streets, in need of new homes. It is overwhelming. It belongs to a lady, Milu, who had bought the farm and have been rescuing dogs for years. She works there herself every day with help of a few hired people but no volunteers (the place is not very known and off beaten track). She has very little donations so she buys everything herself: food, vaccinations, medications...Very high running costs, so any donations welcome. She concentrates on giving the dogs quality of life - they all live in "parks" - like in the Dogtown in the US, none of them is on the chain (!), they are all vaccinated, sterilised and medically treated if needed. Over 200 of them have been checked for leshmaniose in order to identify it early if any of them had it.I was surprised how good the conditions were as it seems nearly impossible that so few people would be able to take care of so many dogs. The dogs are happy, lovely and sooo adoptable. But she does not have time for adoptions. She has no time to publish dogs on the Internet, build her own site, make home visits. So many wonderful dogs are there, those that could easily have a home and due to the lack of human resources they are not getting those homes.We are a group of 15 people: we set a group that is called Dogs of Portugal and we will be looking for homes for Milu's dogs. We will be adopting dogs in Portugal (and for good adoptions distance does not matter to us) but also abroad, to Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway on the basis of contacts we have previously developped. I have noticed that many expats are willing to help and welcome home a rescue dog. So I am optimistic. Moreover, there are some breeds that are "preferred" by certain nationalities: English people love water dogs, pointers and labradors, German people love podengos and Dutch people love serra de estrela dogs. They are all there, in the cantinho! We deliver the dogs home, Algarve, central Portugal, it does not matter.The dogs are sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed, tested for leshmaniose (the whole shelter, 400 dogs, have been tested).I would like to present you with teh new blog of Dogs of Portugal, featuring dogs for adoption from Milu:http://dogsofportugal.wordpress.com/Each dog has several pictures in a slideshow.(We will soon have a webpage.) and with our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DogsofportugalYou can contact us at dogsofportugal@gmail.com or call at 937 317 491

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Looking for a medicine for our Shi-Tzu dog (7 years old) ... the medicine is "UROPET" used to cure struvite stone recurrence ... We have checked with several Pharmacies around Sao Bras and Tavira at no avail ... We would be grateful to receive an address where we can find it ... Thank you in advance

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We have a 12 week old male puppy that was found on the road in silves, at first thought to be dead but was very dehydrated, been to vet and quite healthy, looks like german shepherd cross quite fluffy, male, if anyone can offer him a good home please contact me...pics can be emailed.

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Adorable male puppy looking for a home. Very gentle and alert. Beautiful black color. Mother is a sweet, calm mastiff dog. Vaccinations and all appropriate care in order. Needs good, loving owners. Please e-mail for pictures. Thanks

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Does anyone know of a reasonably priced dog groomer. I need my Westies coat trimmed as at the moment it is very untidy. Albufeira / Silves area would be ideal.Does anyone know where the vet at Guia has relocated.

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Hi We are in the process of starting the organisation of The Algarve Dog Show. The first weekend in June, We would like to have a class for Corgis, with it being the same weekend as the Queens Diamond Jubilee. If anyone who owns a Corgi would like to attend the show please send me your contact details and we will be in touch with all details. Many thanks Suzanne.

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We have a beautiful little Shetland Pony called Ruby for Loan at Tophipico stables near Albufeira. Ruby is a great natured pony for any child! I can email photos. Please email me for more information.

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Help us to help these poor horses, ponies, mules and donkeys.. Please could anyone help us with Horse Feed, Hay, Straw, Salt Licks, Horse wormers, Horse dentist. Grooming kits, Horse Rugs 4 ft 6 in--------6ft indoor and outdoor,Buckets, Head collars, Tack Bridles, Saddles, Driving Harness etc. Water Troughs,Water Hoses, Farrier Equipment, Horse Medical Kit. Horsey People we need your help please.

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is any one going on holiday from 23 jan till feb 5 . i would like to look after a dog for free. i miss my dog who died.

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does anyone have a dog which i could borrow while i am on holiday. i miss my dogs. i am going to lagos on 23 jan until 4 feb. it is a large house with land.

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There is an interesting article on this posted to the AngloINFO Lisbon blog "Helping Man's Best Friends". Click here to read:http://blogs.angloinfo.com/helping-mans-best-friends/

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My dog needs a ride back to the UK before 25th January 2012... she is a seasoned traveller, sweet tempered and obedient. Her passport is in order, she has very little luggage and I am prepared to pay a good share of the travel costs. We have a crate to use if necessary....Can you help?

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I have found a young dog, very small, tan with a black muzzle. He only weighs around 4kg. He was wondering around Algarve Shopping, Guia yesterday (Saturday) and was being shooed out by security. The guard told me he had been wondering in and out of the shopping centre all day. He has a red collar and looks clean. He has a really sweet nature and I think he must be less than one year old.If you know anyone who has lost a little dog please contact me urgently. I am going to the UK for Christmas on 22nd December.Telephone Amanda on 96 719 4603 please.

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Querença Loule Area Abby, went missing Saturday 3rd Dec. 2011 nite, when she was let out for night-time wee. She's approx 9yrs old, a mixed breed, black with cream colour head, scruffy looking, although we were told there was a bit of snauzer in her. Very timid, and not street-wise, if seen/found please ring: 289 417 951 Please look out for her. Thankyou I can email a pic but not sure how to use this site to insert a pic

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help!we gave a dog for adoption on Saturday and on Sunday he run away from his new home. I was told he walked through the open gate....The dog is male serra de aires breed, brown. Nice, a bit shy but gentle. He has a collar with two telephone numbers and a chip. If you see him...If anyone lives in Estoi or nearby, please print the ads and put them around, the more people know, teh more chances are. There is an ad here, you go to "folheto" under the picture of the dog and the flyers opens, this you can print: http://www.encontra-me.org/anuncio/18396

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hi im looking for a puppy play pen to hold 8 lab pups, live in the alvor area. limited funds will be able to collect

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Going to UK 2-11 Dec and desperately seeking someone to live in while I'm away to look after house and very timid young cat. She's a former street cat and has just got used to the fact that she has a home and I don't want her to feel abandoned. She's lovely, cuddly, calm and quiet but terrified of people! Need a calm quiet person to make sure she's ok. Please help! Beachbum_Franks@hotmail.com

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Does anyone know of a Riding school that caters for disabled children?

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