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I plan to drive to the UK and back in October / November and have space for passengers, I am thinking of the canine or feline variety!If you need a pet transporting, please contact me.

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Hello! on june 20th I'll be travelling from Paris to Faro at a good price with Ryanair and I wanted to bring my kitty along, but unfortunately this airline doesn't allow even small animals on the plane.So I am looking for someone nice who is making the same trip between Paris, France and Algarveand could bring along my cat to Faro. Then I would come get her in Faro or in the neignbooring area...Thanks in advance for all helpful info !!!! :+)

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I am heading to England with one of my dogs in a few months as my mum wants one of them and I am getting so confused on what airlines/airports accept animal cargo. I know about the passports and everything but to be honest it is really adding up. Does anyone know a good way of doing it or could give me any information on airlines/aiports, your advice would be so so appreciated!! Many thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know of any vets in Portimao that spay rescued street cats for free or a small fee? Mauro

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His name is Zinco he is a 6 years old going on 7, dapple grey, gelded Arab/Lusitano cross. A loving personailty, sometimes a bit shy. Loves to be groomed, very well manered, gets along great with other horses. An intermediate rider will be fine with him and if being led by hand anyone can really sit on him. Perfectly sound and a good looking boy. JUmping is not his strong point but he´ll go over for you if your pacient, has some potential for dressage or really just a great companion. Will only go to a good loving stable horse knowing/friendly home! For more information please contact here or to chqbs@hotmail.com.

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Does anyone know of a decent livery yard with a good school and turn out for horses...private yard would suit, i really want to get a horse but cant find a good yard.

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I live between Messines and Silves. A stray bitch gave birth to 5 puppies in our garden, where she had made a secluded,cosy den in a pampas grass (very difficult for us to reach). I have managed to find homes for 4 of them and urgently need to rehome the last one. It is a female, black in colour with white marking on its chest and a very soft coat. Arrangements can be made for her to be spayed. Mother is a labrador or flat coated retriever mix and is of medium size with a lovely gentle nature. Can anyone offer a loving home to this delightful puppy ?

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would anyone with horse experience be interested in sharing or loaning gelding. for more info please email me

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We have 2 horses, 5 cats and 3 lovely dogs. In the near future we have to leave for about a week and we would like to have someone who can stay here and take care of our little farm! Our house is near Alte, quite rural. Please email me if you are the one!

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Hi I am looking to buy a wooden outdoor rabbit hutch suitable for two rabbits. We are in the Western Algarve although am happy to travel if neccessary.

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I am looking for a metal dog crate for my car, cocker spaniel size dog. Aljezur area...

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Hello, I've recently arrived in Portugal with my horses and have been trying to source feed suppliers. The only item I'm now having difficulty with is Alfarroba/Carob Kibble, my local suppliers don't sell it or seem to want to order it in for me. Does anyone know where I can buy it from? Many thanks Angel

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We are bringing 5 cats from France to Portugal in the next few months. Does anyone have any cost effective suggestions as how best to do this? They have passports and injections already done. We would appreciate any help or advice anyone might have. Many thanks Linda

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we have two horses in falacho silves, I have to go back to uk end of march possibly for approx 1 month maybe 6 weeks, and my son will need someone to help him with two geldings. for further details please pm me thank you susan

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Has anyone has their dogs spayed at the Canil in Olhao (through the Camara Municipale)? I would really appreciate any feedback as I am trying to help with getting two females spayed (they do not belong to me) but the vets are very expensive - but I don't want to risk their health/safety in any way. Thanks very much. Katie

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Having to move back to UK quicker than expected, have a rhodesian ridgeback (male) lovely dog , great temprament, great with people and other dogs, needs a loving part time home until April when he can return to UK, based in Lagos, under vets in Odiaxere, any help gratefully recieved, please contact gary on 913975646 0r garyosman43@hotmail.com.

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Hi, I am looking for a dog walker, 5 days a week, half hour is all that is needed a day - does anyone know if there is such a service available over here? Between S B Messines and Silves area.

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Seasons greetings. We've just found some eggs in the corner of a paddock. Traditional egg shape, 6, white-ish, but huge, bigger than ostrich eggs. I'm guessing snake eggs, but maybe some other reptile. They can't stay where they are, so i'd welcome any advice or contact details for an expert.Many thanks

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I noticed a little black & white pointer/labrador dog at the junction to the sand sculpting place in Pera, frantically running around the cars, looking for the right one, so I stopped to see if she had a collar, very friendly, very scared, no collar but you can see where the collar has been, so in the of chance that the owner of this dog reads this, you can contact me 936078040 and if you don't want the dog and abandoned her there hoping someone like me would come along, well I have... Please if you have animals, do the right thing by them, they feel just like you and me.

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We are planning to relocate in spring from the Santa Cruz area of Portugal to near Orange, France with our two Lusitano horses. If anyone has any recent experience of long distance travel or transport companies for horses we would appreciate your comments, good or bad! Please reply by pm – thank you for reading.

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