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Can anyone give me any info re returning to the Uk with my dog? As far as I have found out so far if I want to fly I have to go with BA?

started by: Pauline Hoare · last update: 1289812127 · posted: 1289812127

What we have been told is a Portuguese water dog (white in colour) has turned up on our doorstep a week ago, he has a collar, is around twelve months old we think, has obviously been trained to a degree, he is cute, funny, and so very loving, if he is lost and anyone knows hs owner please get in contact, we are in Sitio da Dobra (valley) in Odelouca, outside Silves on N124 or anyone wants a dog who would be great company and a great family dog, he is affectionate and no problem, our circumstances will not allow us to keep him, but we are feeding him, walking him, and generally looking after him, we do not want him to go to a shelter, so pleae if anyone is interested do come and meet him, if you want a lovely dog with a cheeky character do think about it. Call Pauline on 914783922 or 282498398 or reply to this e-mail

started by: wallis45 · last update: 1289644891 · posted: 1289644891

Baba was abandoned by the gypsies, badly treated, never educated, been living rough. Afraid of everything, but beginning to trust humans now. Ideally needs to be an only dog with someone who can give her "one-on-one" and get her trust. She is still very young, tiny (weighs around 8 kilos), would do very well in a small house or apartment, but she gets on well great with other dogs and cats, too.She needs a home before she loses faith in humans for good.She is sterilized and vaccinated.She is being fostered by me and is nolonger in the Canil.Please forward, print, display, add to your website, etc. Thank you. If you would like to know more about Baba, please contact: Val Window- 917 759 617 val.window@sapo.pt orMaria João Sousa - 91 7 23 23 39 - joaosous@gmail.comhttp://lagosanimals.blogspot.com/search/label/Young%20female%20dogs

started by: stevenp-750947 · last update: 1288194297 · posted: 1288194297

Wanted a person or sensible couple to stay in our house near Messines from the 22nd Dec untill 7th Jan, no wages but use of a car,four very good dogs.

started by: lissie · last update: 1287767301 · posted: 1287748091

Can anyone tell me if there is a good cattery in the East algarve please?

started by: katy_rex · last update: 1286816345 · posted: 1286816345

Urgent litters of puppies needing homes. All in the Algarve area. Litter of 4: 3 girls and one boy - will be large when fully grown. Now 6weeks old. Litter of 3: female puppies, 3months old. two vaccinations. Currently living in a foster home. Playful and very sweet. Will be medium (pointer like) when fully grown Litter of 6: small puppies. 4 females and two males. Very sweet and playful. Litter of 6: medium sized puppies. living in the shelter. All of these puppies need permanent homes!!! please email katy.sosalgarveanimals@hotmail.com for pictures and information. thank you!

started by: Pauline Hoare · last update: 1286361072 · posted: 1286358414

Hi I am wanting information on how to go about buying a West Highland White terrier, I am assuming the best way is from England and do all the requirements to transport him over. Any advice and information greatly appreciated Pauline Hoare phone 914783922 e-mail is hoare80@hotmail.com

started by: SANDYPAWS-748563 · last update: 1285668127 · posted: 1279975431

Does anyone own an Irish Setter on the Algarve. Would love to meet up as we have one of 6 years. Also looking for someone to take care of him when we fly home to UK occasionaly. Not in kennels but in the comfort of your own home. We would look after yours in exchange when you go away. In our home as a member of the family. Loved and cared for. Lots of walks. email sand.edward@gmail.com

started by: Suzanne Thorpe-750647 · last update: 1283688960 · posted: 1283688960

Rua Latin Coelho, Albufeira. Does anyone know whether the sweet-faced, medium sized brown dog who spends most of her time outside the Snackbar Cafe is a stray? I would really like to help her if she is. Suzanne. (U.K.)

started by: Charmaine Amado · last update: 1282378777 · posted: 1282378777

We are moving to Ireland in September and are heartbroken as we have to leave our 9 month old puppy here. She originally was abandoned and I got her from Goldra, but circumstances here have forced us to move away. I don't have her papers ready in time to go and I can't afford to take her, money is short and things are getting worse. She is a lively "blonde" who loves to steal my shower while I am getting ready to shower, loves swimming in the river and sea. Loves playing football and fetch. She was a terrified puppy when we got her and she is comming out of her shell so nicely, she is still very wary of new commers, but is a real bundle of joy and really beautiful in colour. She will make a really lovely pet to a doggy lover only. Any genuine doggy lovers who think they can give my precious pet a home , please contact me on 910794655. Thanking you Charmaine

started by: leaf-749333 · last update: 1281889260 · posted: 1281889260

Wanted Great Dane Male or Female,any colour,puppy to 2yrs. After sad lost If you know of one please e-mail the details Hope to hear from you soon

started by: Charmaine Amado · last update: 1281857595 · posted: 1281781549

Hi there. Does anyone have any info please on which airlines can fly my puppy to faro to cork, ireland? Never flew a pet and it looks complicated, but am moving and need some help please. Can't leave part of our family here in Portugal. Thanking you in advance for your help. Charmaine.

started by: oddjobman-750455 · last update: 1281746344 · posted: 1281711794

I am trying to contact Ruth who breeds RIDGEBACKS and lives near Lagos.I am a friend of hers but have lost her no.If anyone can help please call me ASAP on 924088679.Thanks.Gary

started by: steppitoe · last update: 1281454876 · posted: 1225908522

We had a house sitter coming and now they can´t make it. Need someone to come in twice a day, feed horses, put on / take off blankets and feed and walk dogs. Anyone know anyone in the Vila do Bispo area who would be interested for a small fee?

started by: cass-744515 · last update: 1280160183 · posted: 1280099268

Can anyone advise me on whether it is necessary for my two dogs to have passports before we travel (by car) from portugal to france please? Many thanks

started by: tania-748737 · last update: 1280059114 · posted: 1280059114

Large serra da estrela cross, went missing on 20th July. Brown with black face, had a black collar with silver bones on it, answers to Jorge ..much loved pet please help. reward offered. 9134996956

started by: june Daniel · last update: 1279105838 · posted: 1279105838

Home wanted. We have a lovely 2 year old neuterd tabby cat, called Kat who needs a good home with lots of space to roam, she loves the outside,as we live on a mobile home park, she is very affectionate but wary of strangers, we are very reluctant to let her go but we are moving to Greece & cannot take her with us. Full veterinary report available. Please email for details.

started by: shirleykobiela · last update: 1278932203 · posted: 1278932203

Hi, long story but my partner and I got a couple of cats from a animal place here on the Algarve with an agreement to get the female sterilised, needless to say the animal home reneged on its agreement and as we weren't working at the time couldn't afford the vet, so now she has 4 little adorable kittens, yes I know they're all adorable.I don't want to get rid of the 4 just 2 of them and it would be nice if they could stay together. One is full black and the other is a Siamese cross, but lovely, they have been wormed and de-flead, they use the litter tray and stay outside at present, they will be 6 weeks 2moro...so if you or if you know anyone that would give them a good wee home it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advanceShirley

started by: blusky · last update: 1278754228 · posted: 1278754228

Found on her own in a big field a tiny puppy...very timid about 8 weeks or less. Brown and longish hair. very beautifull. been checked by vet and dewormed and defleaed.

started by: love13-747422 · last update: 1277829995 · posted: 1245791071

Do you have spare time on your hands,may be in the school holidays,or all the time,anybody welcome to help with horses (maybe ride,lunge,groom etc),dogs,farm animals. We are near Sines,Porto Covo,Villa Nova, Odemira.

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