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 Hello all, can anybody tell me of English bridge clubs near or in Guingamp Please. With all the English residents in Brittany I imagine there are some But I can not find anything online.

started by: leedsandproud · last update: 1621486969 · posted: 1464964166

Will the upcoming Euros be shown on normal television we have sky but at the moment do not get itv or the bbc. thinking of buying a infinity tv box does anyone have one of these and if so is it any good thank you

started by: Rosie1-548987 · last update: 1617699327 · posted: 1486232966

Hi,We're visiting the Algarve next week for a few weeks and wondering if anyone knows where we can watch the six nations rugby matches on a big screen or in a bar.We will be based in Fuseta.Thanks

started by: drvonnie-878972 · last update: 1617612771 · posted: 1371333198

I would like to hear from any astronomers or potential astronomers who are interested in getting together with like-minded people to form a group to persue this hobby. The Algarve is blessed with many areas free of light pollution and therefore ideal for sky watching.  

started by: Dave-Edsberg-920027 · last update: 1617263251 · posted: 1516423389

My wife and I are retiring  to the Algarve next year and I would like to ask some advice: To all the golfers out there... If you could choose one place in the Algarve to live if all you wanted to do was play golf every day, which area and golf course would you choose? Money is not an issue (thankfully) so I would love to know what someone who lives there would choose. Thanks for the advise.

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 This forum is for discussing sport in and around the Algarve-----Forums Administrationalgarve.forums@angloinfo.com

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Can anyone please tell me where the Estadio Albufeira Municipal Stadium is located. Sheffield Wednesday are playing there in a few weeks time thank you.

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My wife is keen to join up with others to go paddle boarding. Does anyone know if any such group exists anywhere?

started by: island55 · last update: 1616069262 · posted: 1486918316

I am trying to find a walking group in Lagos.  I have looked in Portugal News but can find nothing showing in this area.  Can anybody help, please?Thanks in advance.

started by: Tony Jose-Pimentel-912022 · last update: 1615970613 · posted: 1508290282

Does anyone, anywhere know if there's a boxing club, somewhere in Portugal. Years ago I remembered exchanging a Canadian boxing pin, for a Portuguese Boxing Federation, he was a boxer representing Portugal.......So I'm thinking maybe retire either in Lisbon, or Algarve . I would love to help out,a boxing club, and forward some of my experience, as a fighter, and Olympic coaching, as well as a manager, and professional trainer......any direction, or guidance....would be great. Thank You !!!!

started by: Ross-McCracken-873810 · last update: 1615803903 · posted: 1478377331

Hi, I'm looking or any road cyclists / cycling groups around the Tavira / Faro area. I ride at a social intermediate pace and enjoy a coffee stop on the way. It would be good to meet some fellow cyclists if there are any about?  :)

started by: sequinn-937013 · last update: 1615295080 · posted: 1386694178

Looking for a group of Motorcyclists in the Alvor/Portimao area to join us on regular rideouts. Please make contact if you would like to join us or if you know of any groups that are already formed. Kind regards Sarah & Chris

started by: Algarve Live Team · last update: 1614845573 · posted: 1353072740

From BigFish Portugal on Fishing in Portugal: Fishing in Portugal

started by: Alison-Tarpey-955235 · last update: 1613030267 · posted: 1581346901

Hi, does anyone know if there are any pottery courses or potters who would tolerate an enthusiastic beginner around the Lagos area? 

started by: Tim-Claus-901283 · last update: 1610712182 · posted: 1496317502

Hi, I have a professional Riley snooker table for sale. But I have absolutely no idea where I can find people who are interested in this. Is there a forum or a network with people playing snooker in the algarve? Since there are a lot of English people living here :)Thank you,All information is welcomeTim

started by: Daniel -Aiello -922983 · last update: 1519218426 · posted: 1519218426

Hi currently in lagos portugal looking for someone to go cycling with currently doing around 20-30miles so looking for someone who can maybe do a 50 mile ride I'm doing a avg of around 17mph So please get in touch and let's ride 

started by: Lynn32 · last update: 1491309115 · posted: 1488637414

Hi, my husband and I have recently moved to the Algarve and are looking to join a running and cycling group in the Lagos area. Anybody know of any such clubs? Thanks.

started by: kevin frame · last update: 1467741030 · posted: 1467631895

Hello      Can anyone tell me lakes or rivers in Algarve or near where you can canoe

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