Amateur Astronomy Club in Algarve

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I would like to hear from any astronomers or potential astronomers who are interested in getting together with like-minded people to form a group to persue this hobby. The Algarve is blessed with many areas free of light pollution and therefore ideal for sky watching.  

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harryp-755187 1371376003

I think this is a fantastic idea - I know the science museum in Faro does some astronomy nights.

drvonnie-878972 1371377576

Do you know who runs it?  There used to be an observatory in Tavira and the astronomer there used to do a few things for the public.  There may have even been a club at the time.  But the Tavira Observatory was closed due to lack of funding.  Perhaps the person running the show in Faro is the same individual (a long shot, but why not?).  Do you know of any other sky watchers in the Algarve?

harryp-755187 1371383323

It happens on the last Friday of every month at 21:00 for 1 Euro but you have to book your space beforehand - you can see more information at  They also ran a workshop for children to build their own astronomy book which was run by a sience teacher at Loule secondary school called Miguel Neta.  Apart from that I know that it was Clive Jackson who is the director of the camera obscura in Tavira - he writes a column on the Algarve skies in the Algarve resident - the map of the algarve skies an be downloaded at - I think Clive could be contacted through the Algarve Resident at  I guess the best place to approach is the COAA in Portimao at

drvonnie-878972 1371385246

Thanks for all the info.  I will try to digest it and follow up on the links you provided.  What is your interest in astronomy?  Have you been doing this for long?  I am relatively new at this and to get a group going, there have to be some experienced astronomers to share with the newbies. I have contacted Bev Ewan-Smith at COAA near portimao, who runs an astronomy camp with his wife.  They provide board and lodging for visitors as well as provide fairly big scopes for the visitors to use. (up to 15" if I remember correctly).  But this is their business and I'm not sure that they would be interested in Joining a club or helping with resources.  They do let out their scopes for Euros 20.00 for 2 hours.  I'm sure that there is a lot of experience here as well and it must be amazing to use such large equipment!  I also know of an experienced astronomer in Loule who has an observatory, but I have not contacted him yet but I will do so.

So we have a few good leads to start with.  I will contact you after I have been in touch with some of these people unless you already know some of them personally and would like to sound them out yourself.  Let me know.  Speak to you soon.


I just find it hard to believe that with all the 100s of clubs in the UK that there are not enough of us to provide t least one group here.

harryp-755187 1371387179

Think you are right - unfortunately I don't know any of these people personally - it is a shame that an astronomy club does not exist given the amazing night skies.  I don't have any experience of this but love the night sky and would like to find out more.  Maybe we could start by anyone interested meeting at the next star gazing night in Faro which I think is on the 27th and then taking things from there.  I guess the first step is to find someone with a flat roof and a telescope willing to take part! 

drvonnie-878972 1371388218

Good suggestion to meet at Stargazing night in Faro.  I will also speak to Clive Jackson.  The reason I feel we need to have a few experience astronomers in a club is that otherwise you have the blind leading the blind.  Also, you need a few drawcards to get members to want to join a club.  I am going to Lisbon tomorrow, but will contact you later in the week.  I assume your name is Harry.  Mine is Vince.  Speak to you soon.

vee-742534 1371481228

i have a 11 inch celestron . and a 120 mm refractor. i am based near  foral. (between algoz and messines)  scopes are in a small observatory on my property.  keith. ph num 938730126

drvonnie-878972 1371521432

Nice setuo keith!  Are tou interested in getting a group together?

I am in Paderne, nor vry far from you.  I am out of town at the moment but will call you when I am back next week.  How is you site? Dark sky?  I take it that your scope is an SC.  Are you using a 1200 mount?  I have a 5in Mak goto. But am plagued by severe light pollution.  Do you know any of the people that harryp mentioned to me?  Speak to you soog, Vince 

oldman67 1371563931

DRVONNIE.  the 11nch is on a CG-5 goto,and i use a HEQ-5 tracking with a refractor.its all on a workshop flat roof,if you have any probs, thers more room on the roof. havent had a chance to use them mutch last year or so im pretty green. i doint know any one else. but want to try to get some pics on the laptop. keith

Supermum-748904 1371633073

Just been reading your discussions. You may already know - but for those that dont, there is a big set up here near Alcalar, Poio nr Portimao. Its called the  COAA.  centro de observacao Astronomica no Algarve, Poio 8500 Portimao  tel 351 282 471529 email info

I think it is for amateur astronomers the chance to use high powered telescopes, they do holidays etc , but I am sure they have special events etc on all the time - it might be worth a phone call and you could get together as a group and visit, its a lovely location.

Good luck, the sky at night is beautiful.



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drvonnie-878972 1371666096

I have been in touch with them and they do have some pretty big scopes.  The problem is that this is their business and they do not appear to want to start a club per se.  They do rent out their big scopes but at Euros 20 per 2 hrs per person, I find it a little steep for me, considering there are 2 of us in my family group.  Also one has the expense of travelling to Portimao and the scopes are only available when it does not interfere with their resident guests who obviously take precedence over the occasional visitors who are not residents.  You seem to know a lot about them.  What is your connection or experience with them?  Has anyone else had any contact with them?  I will call them again and see if there is any interset in working with a club. But we first need to get a club together!  And that is the function of this thread.  Thanks for your suggestion.  Vince

Supermum-748904 1371736583

Hi again, no connection, I just live down the road from there and know the area. Certainly would do no harm to try and come to some monthly arragement - at least you can try - good luck.


drvonnie-878972 1372424105

Hello all, You have not heard very much from me recently, but I had an accident and have a few broken ribs and have been unable to make all the contacts I said I would.  For the same reason, I will not be going to the Stargazing meeting in Faro tonight.  I wonder if you are still going Harryp and if you do, perhaps you could chat to Clive Jackson to tell him about what we were discvcussing and get his feeling about such a group.  Also, I should mention, that shortly before my accident, I spent an evening with Keith (Oldman67) looking at the stars around his home in Foral, and the skys were nice and dark and it definitely lends itself to Stargazing Parties! Keith also has some very nice equipment.  I will continue to persue the contacts we discussed last week as soon as my pain subsides.  I have a good feeling that we could do a lot to meet our objectives without too much trouble.  I look forward to hearing from you

harryp-755187 1372424250

so sorry to hear about your accident - hope you are starting to feel better - nothing more painful than the ribs so hope you are managing to get some rest.  I hope to make the star gazing night and will report back.  best regards,


harryp-755187 1373154233

Unfortunately I couldn't make the astronomy night in Faro but the Centro ciencia viva do algarve has a whole summer programme during July for astronomy including astronomy nights in Portimao, S.Bras de Alportel and on the Ilha de Faro - it can be foudn at

drvonnie-878972 1373175522

Hi harry,

Thanks for the information.  Unfortunately I am still incapacitated but berhaps there are others out there who would like to attend some of the events and then you could perhaps meet. It might be an idea to list some of the event details, and if you go, you could maybe speak to Clive Jackson.

You could perhaps call Keith (his number is on one of the postings) and arrange to go together or meet there.

In any case, please let me know what happens.  I am really sorry to miss these events.



cyclops-919286 1376692921


I have the flat roof that you are looking for near to Benafim,I am retired now and am thinking of buying a Dobson Skyquest XT10 telescope.  I have been interested in the night sky for a long time but I would like to gain some experience and maybe pick a few brains before I make a purchase. I would be interested is joining or even starting a club for other like minded people.My name is John and I do have two eyes actually. I am an ex-pilot and north sea gas explorer and a maker of quite a good real ale. I would like to hear from anyone out there , maybe we can put some ideas together over a beer. 

skyblue-903167 1376735004

Hi everyone. Are there no women astronomers out there? I look each night at the stars and wish I knew more. I live in Tavira, at Bodega, where the lights polution is nothing. I only have a scooter to get around on, so don't like going to far or traveling in the dark. But I was thinking of booking a space on the 30th of this month for the Faro science museum, as I can go on the train from Tavira to Faro quiet easily. Does anyone know how to get to it from the station and is it far?

 I broke my ribs last year, so I imagine you are still suffering, but able to get around now. Look forward to reading some more threads on this subject.

little mo-919991 1377171072

to cyclops. you may be diapointed with what you can see,if you doint know where to point it ,ther is a limit to what one can see with your eyes.if you doint know where objects are,a computer controled goto is more money,and will point to  the things in the sky.but astro photograpy is diff ball game,and it does see more detail. size wise its not a bad starter, but a goto mount will give one the option of tracking a target for photo work and by eye,most dobs doint track a target. keith

cyclops-919286 1377179754


to Little mo.  Thanks for the info. It seems that most Dobs are not suitable for photography.??. I was looking at a few goto options, seems like good value for a beginner like me. Can you with your experience recommend a telescope that I can use for photography or plug in a lap top direct.??

regards. John.

little mo-919991 1377285759

to cyclops.thats a prob.if you look at some scopes,some compact 1s sutch as,maksutov or an SCT from celastron of skywatcher or a reflector but thay ar bigger all on a celestrol mount. you need for tracking a target and goto,the mount is important,it will give you an idea of the cost.The photo side of it is more cost,and more complication .think about the visuel side first jen up as mutch as you can.And ill help if i can. keith

skyblue-903167 1377356346

I have a bird spotter scope. Will this be any good for star gazing?

drvonnie-878972 1377363756

Hi John:

Thanks for getting in touch with us.  We should try to have a get-together sometime as it will give us the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to meet who we are chatting to on the forun.  Believe it or not, after about 2 months following a relatively small accident, I am still incapacitated and have not taken out my scope since.  So far we are madeup of a few individuals some of whom have  scopes, others not and with varying degrees of astronomical experience.  But all have the desire to look at the night sky.

A small challenge is that we are scattered around the Algarve and we need to find a convenient point where we could all meet.  We have Keith in Foral, myself in Paderne, Harry in ? but he seems to attend the meetings in Faro at the science museum, so I assume he's in that area, you are in Benafim and there are a couple of others that I have been tardy in responding to, who came into the forum in a bunch at approximately the same time as you did.  I am about to write to them to welcome them today.  One is a lady, from Tavira area who rides a scooter and understandably does not want to travel too far at night but is willing to catch a train.  Please read all the entries to the forum as there has been some good information offerred.  My name is Vince and my phone number is 289-367-429.  We would appreciate any ideas you may have.  Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss anything or just chat!  This offer applies to everyone else as well.  Look forward to hearing from you.  Vince

drvonnie-878972 1377364610

Hi Skyblue,

Congratulations!  You are the first lady out there.  Welcome to the forum and thankyou for contacting us.

I have just finished writing to a new member, Cyclops (John) and everything I said to him of course applies to you as well.  My broken ribs are taking forever to heal so this has kept me from a lot more involvement in this group. 

You mentioned wanting to go to Faro for the Astronomy eveing.  Harryp (Harry), also suggested this as a meeting spot for all of us.  If yo need more info,  look back to near the beginning of this forum, where Harry gave some information, and if you do not find your answers, just post a new message to Harry.  Feel free to call me if you have any more questions or would just like to taljk astronomy.  By the way, both Keith and I live near to Tunes station if you ever need to visit our side of the Algarve.

Look forward to hearing from you


drvonnie-878972 1377365015

Hi Little Mo,

I see you have specifically addressed both your postings to Cyclops so I am not sure if you are interested in talking to the rest of us in the forum.  However, if you are interested in the group in general, please feel free to post to all of us some info about yourself and what your needs are.

We will be happy to respond.



drvonnie-878972 1377365562

Hi harry,

I would very much like to chat to you by phone about the stargazing night in Faro.  Kindly call me at the number I gave in one of tthe more recent postings, or let me have your number and I will call you.

Kind regards


cyclops-919286 1377371740

Cyclops to Vince, Thanks for the contact. I think it is a great idea for us all to get together for a casual chat and  an exchange ideas. I am mobile and can attend anywhere and at any time so I will be happy to fit in with any plans.. I`d be happy to pick anyone up and drop off on my way to or from a venue .As I said before I am retired now so I have pleanty of spare time.

My home phone No. is 289489012.

Mobile, 961561968

Regards... John

drvonnie-878972 1377379467

Hi Skyblue.

I started star gazing with a bird spotter scope.  If you can give me some info about the scope I will have a better idea of what you have.  What is (are) your eyepiece magnification(s)(usually 30X to 60X) and what is the aperture? (Usually 60mm, 80mm or 100mm).  Is your eyepiece straight or offset?

Do you know your focal length?

Let me know and I can make suggestions if possible.

By the way, what is your real name or would you prefer to be called skyblue?  Also, you could let us have some contact information if you wish.  Did you contact Harryp about the Faro Skygazing Events?

Let us know.


skyblue-903167 1377392422

Hi Vince, this is skyblue or should I say Yvonne. As to all that tecnical stuff I shall have to get back to you on that. I have booked myself and my sister Carol for the Faro do on the 30th at 9.30pm. We will be arriveing by train from Tavira but staying in Faro that night as no trains back. My yacht is in Bruces Yard, so we will stay on that. We are both lookng forward to the evening and I am looking forward to putting faces to name. Hope to see you there. By the way my mobile number is 922292293. I can always make time for a coffee and a chat.

little mo-919991 1377421975

to skyblue,  yes ther are some targets you could see, andromeda is a near galaxy in the east. it a big cloud of stars and can be seen with that scope. ther are nebulars you may be able to pick out,But you need to know where they are in night sky.IM still a beginer. iv got a 11inch celestron  and  5 inch refractor, the big scope is a goto so after a little setup it can goto to a data base of targets,so i can direct it to many still playing about with a ccd camera .im learning.So if you doint know where targets are its dam hard to find them.keith 

little mo-919991 1377422819

to vince. i doint mind talking anyone,i was trying to reply to a request, Im no expert but ill try and answer all requests which is there for all to see.i'll help it i can.keith

drvonnie-878972 1377424261

Hi Keith,

Nothing wrong with that.  I just didn't know who "little mo" was.  The last time you came onto this forum you used the name "oldman67" and the time before you used the name "vee".  I only knew who you were when you talked about your 11in Celestron and 5" Apo refractor and then saw keith at the end.  I thought Little Mo was a newcomer to this forum and I was thinking of welcoming you to the group.  Feel free to talk to whoever you want and to use whatever names you choose.  It is your forum as well!  However, it might be easier if you used only one username. Then we'd know who you were.

Nice to hear from you again!


drvonnie-878972 1377428396

Hi Everyone:

Yvonne (Skyblue) and her sister Carol are going to the astronomy night at the Science Museum in Faro on Friday night 30th Aug at 9:00pm.

Harry (harryp) sent us the following information on the astronomy nights on one of our first contacts:

"It happens on the last Friday of every month at 21:00 for 1 Euro but you have to book your space beforehand - you can see more information at"

I think it would be really great if those who were able to, could meet there so that we can attach faces to all the names.  We could meet at 8:00pm for a coffee though, to give us a little time before the astronomy night and then we could end up learning something about the night sky.  This could be our first official meeting!

Keith (Little Mo), if you come to my house in Paderne, I would be happy to give you a ride to Faro and John (Cyclops) perhaps we can meet on the way and pick you up.  I could be on the road from Alfontes or Parragil to Loule.

Harry (harryp), I hope you can make it especially as this was your idea in the first place!  Perhaps you can suggest a meeting place for us as you know the location pretty well.

Remember that one has to make reservations  a few days in advance.  Kindly let us know if you will be attending.  My phone number, 789-367429 if you have any questions or issues.  Keep watching this spot for the meeting place!

Looking forward to meeting everyone in person.

Vince (drvonnie)


drvonnie-878972 1377519277

Hi Yvonne:

Do you have that map for me?  My email

Many thanks


drvonnie-878972 1377521502

Hi Harry:

Can we talk by phone about the Astronomy evening in Faro?  My number is 289-367429.

Many thanks


drvonnie-878972 1377521781

Hi Everyone:

The telephone number I gave in my general broadcast about the Astronomy evening in Faro is incorrect.  Please change that to 289-367429.  Please call to confirm attendance at the Astronomy evening or for anty other questions you may have.

Look forward to hearing from you


little mo-919991 1377605639

to all interested parties.  the science museum have answered my registration request and informed me that the next astronomy night will not be until the last friday in september.  so looks like this friday is a non starter.  keith

little mo-919991 1377607345

apologies.  read the email incorrectly.  but this friday is only observation.  the full programme resumes in september with a talk prior to the observation.  so see you all friday.  keith.

drvonnie-878972 1377806897

Hi Everyone:

Well tomorrow night's Astronomy Evening at Faro Science Museum is a go.  It will be different from the usual astronomy evenings in that there will be no lecture, but just viewing through the telescope.

We are meeting at the main entrance of the Faro Science Museum at 20h00 (8:00pm) sharp.  We will then go to a nearby snack bar to have a coffee and get to know one another a little better and get to put a face to the name.  Hope you all have registered for the evening.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 289-367429.

Looking forward to meeting you all,


skyblue-903167 1377807524

Hi, Yvonne here. Our train doesn't get into Faro until 8pm, so can we go straight to the coffee shop or where ever you are going? I don't know Faro well, but will hopefully find you all. My mobile number is 922292293.

drvonnie-878972 1377809872

Hi Yvonne,

I don't know where we are going at this stage but one of us will wait for you and Carol at the entrance of the museum.  My number, in case you are delayed or something, 91-299-8076

See you tomorrow!



skyblue-903167 1378165746

My sister and I had a great night, star gazing and meeting new friends. Thank you every one. Carol, may still be in England for the next one but I will be back for it. See you all then if not before.

charmaine-751789 1378392935

hi - just found your discussion on astronomy club and meeting in Faro - we are very interested in joining you for the next meeting if you can let us have the date and address of venue - many thanks mary and john

skyblue-903167 1378395002

It happens on the last Friday of every month at 21:30 so the next meeting is on the 27th Septmeber.  It's only 1 Euro, but you have to book your space beforehand - for more information look at

Look forward to seeing you there.

charmaine-751789 1379319657

hello - I did as you advised and went to the webpage and sent a request but am still waiting for a reply - is this normal?


skyblue-903167 1379453305

Hi Charmarine, I got a reply straight back. This the e-mail that my reply came from.

I would e-mail him. His name is Filipe. See you there, hopfully.

skyblue-903167 1385595959

Good Evening all you star gazers. Friday nights (29th) astronomy night starts at 8.30pm with a presentation lecture followed by an observation of the stars through a telescope on the roof. It is held at faro at the Sceince centre near the small marina in town. Please feel free to contact me on this thread or send me a personal message. Hope to see you all they. Oh by the way you need to book and it 2 euros. the e-mail to do this with is.  

esoner 1388411894

Pardon! :)

what is the current situation with "Amateur Astronomy Club in Algarve"?

esoner 1388417255

I'am an amateur astronomer from 8 years old. I have a big interest of creating a local astronomical group in Albufeira.

drvonnie-878972 1388435234

Hi Esoner:

We already have a small informal group in the Algarve which you welcome to join.  We are not very active at the moment but some meet up in Faro in the last Friday of each month.  If you would like to discuss it more, call me at 289-367 429 or 912-998 076.  Regards drvonnie (Vnce).

esoner 1388438437

I can gift a nice 48-page brochure "Um Universo de Descobertas"

I have a lot of them (about 250 copies!).

esoner 1388439311

I propose to open a blog of our astroclub on free google hosting.


drvonnie-878972 1388439822

Hi esoner:


Your brochure seems very interesting and I'm sure our members would br grateful to receive a copy.  We are only a small group, about 10 members so would only need a few copies.  What is your main interest in astronomy?

I am using Skywatcher as well.  I have a 5 inch 1500mm Goto Maksutov-Cassegrain scope.  Perhaps you can teach me how to view deep sky objects with this scope.  I do not have any camera or stacking software and am often frustrated with the limitations.  It would be really nice to have some experienced astronomers in our club.

drvonnie-878972 1388440692

Why not!  But I don't know how many can read Russian.  Most of our members are English speaking.  Also, you will need to get information on the group!  I think it would be great to have a blog and also would be useful to recruit new members .  The must be many people around who do not know about it.  I think it would be good if you could do English and Portuguese equally.


esoner 1388441062

Hi drvonnie,

this blog will be in English + Portuguese! :)

esoner 1388441606

So, I'm waiting for the information from our members for this blog.

My email: astroclubzp[@]

esoner 1388442286

The simplest way for astroclub's growing is the organization of sidewalk astronomy events.

esoner 1388442603

My main interest in astronomy is astroimage processing: I process the data from big astronomical telescopes.

esoner 1388929314


where are you all now? :)

skyblue-903167 1388966330

I am here, in Tavira. I go to the astonomey nights in Faro and thorouly enjoy them with my sister. The next one is on the 31st January. Hope to see you there.

esoner 1389222522

It's good! But... where are the other amateurs?

esoner 1389965606

I need the piece of land under dark skies for observatory with 16-20" robotic telescope.

cyclops-919286 1389972086

Hello Esoner.

I am in the process of buying 5 hectares of land up in the hills near "Freixo Verde" which lies a kilometer or so behind Benafim. " concelho do Loule.." guaranteed no light pollution." The land incorporates half a mountain side facing north, but at the summit there is a complete arc ,north to south horizons. My interest is also to build an observatory with accomodations at a later date. If this is of interest to you or other members of the group ,please feel free to contact me..  John. "Cyclops"

esoner 1389972405

Hi John,

our group has its own telescopes, equatorial mounts, domes and so on for observatory. Give me your email and I'll send you the photos.



cyclops-919286 1389972681

Hello Esoner.

My email address is.

Hope to hear from you soon.   john.

esoner 1389973284

Check your email.

Davidoff-924525 1392920706

I can offer a stargazer night up on mount Foia where I live - if people bring the telescopes ?

The sky here is unbeatable! :-)


esoner 1392921078

I have a small 90 MAK :)

esoner 1394627031


You can take some ESO's products in Biblioteca Municipal Lídia Jorge in Albufeira.

Free on reception!!!

P.S. look at the ESO's products

esoner 1394627114

ESO is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organisation in Europe and the world’s most productive ground-based astronomical observatory by far. It is supported by 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

DannyMoloney 1394644348

I have no experience in astronomy but I am very interested in it! I'd love to get into it, and I'm moving to the algarve next month. Is the only meet up place in faro? I'll be in the Lagos area and I feel faro would be to far for me. If any one in the Lagos area would like to take a rookie for a night I'd love to do it, thanks.

esoner 1394644581

look at the page

esoner 1394645132

Sorry, but I am not familiar with any astronomers in Lagos...


esoner 1396797930

I got a new 254 mm telescope on equatorial mount NEQ6 Pro SynScan. So, we can start any astronomical events in Albufeira.


esoner 1396966645


my daughter called on this number 938730126 today, but a woman answered and I guess, we didn't understand each other.


skyblue-903167 1398185464

Hi all you star gazers. The Astronomy nights that take place on the last Friday of the month in Faro has been changed to the first Friday of the month. So the next meeting is on the evening of the 2nd May. Look forward to seeing you there. If you need more info please contact me or look back through these threads for more info. See you then. Yvonne

drvonnie-878972 1398190521

Thanks Yvonne.  Will try to come.


drvonnie-878972 1398191513

Hi Davidoff

My apologies for the very delayed response. I have been quite busy for the last several months as I will be until end June.

Thank you for your kind offer.  As soon as we get organised we will give it serious consideration.  Only issue is that it is pretty far from where most of our people are.  Most of them are east of S.B. Messines

However, for clear dark skyies, I'm sure we can make the travelling worthwhile.

Will be in touch.


drvonnie-878972 1398192123

Hi Danny,

If you look back in the posts to 19 June 2013 at 9:11 and my response at 18:21,  you will get information of a stargazing opportunity inear Portimao.  Expensive perhaps, but much closer to you.  Regards


esoner 1406715766

Hi all,

what is the news?

arcturus 1410777161

Hi, did anything evercome of this? Unfortunatly I live in the West Algarve.

esoner 1410777964

I live in Albufeira.

little mo-919991 1427636745

littlemo.  i have some telescopes and goto mount for sale,is anyone interrested. phone number 938730126. and ill tell them more. keith.

esoner 1427638282

You can visit our FB public group "Albufeira Astronomy Club"

avionna 1468250110

Hi folks - now July 2016......

A very challenging discussion  but a long time since anyone has posted anything , how are all the plans coming along ?

Although registered with Angloinfo in Dordogne(France),  I no longer live there.  Costa Blanca has proven to be too hot and I am looking for a more even climate and greener landscapes  hence South Portugal which I shall explore after the summer heat.

I have been looking for a bunch of kindred spirits to get together and in some way shape or form to do  astronomy, cosmology, radio astronomy, spectroscopy.... as hobbies but without equations. Just to have fun learning and studying.

I will be looking for a property which allows good astronomy observation but without burrying myself alive in the middle of nowhere.  (...... ever heard of the Goldilocks syndrome....)

Any takers ????



avionna 1468255655

Hello Essoner and Cyclop

Anything new  on your plans and their development ?

(please see last post)



esoner 1481647459

Hello Avionna,

yo can meet us in Albufeira.

We have two telescopes with motors:
1. 254 mm newton on Sky Watcher NEQ6 Pro SynScan GoTo mount;

2. 90 mm MAK on Sky Watcher Virtuoso mount;

Where are you now?


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Hello ..

Is there still people interested in amateur astronomy Clube? An/or any one that would like to be a monitor of astronomy?

The CCVAlg in Faro is proposing both of these solutions. Contact them if you are interested!

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Albufeira Astronomy Club

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