Pub & Café Entertainment

Live Music @ The Shack from Thu 16th Mar to Thu 25th May
Enjoy drinks and live music. Call for more information. Thursdays.
Music Night & Dinner @ O'Gradys 12 Bar from Sat 6th May to Sat 27th May
Enjoy live music and dinner. Bookings recommended. Saturday's.
Quiz Night @ Harry's Bar from Wed 12th Oct to Wed 31st May
Come along and enjoy a fun quiz night with Bob. Wednesday's.
Jane Hennessey @ Irish Bar Tavira from Wed 1st Mar to Wed 31st May
Enjoy a live musical performance by Jane Hennessey. Wednesday's.
Nando Diaz @ Irish Bar Tavira from Thu 4th May to Thu 25th May
Enjoy a live musical performance by Nando Diaz. Thursday's.
Open Stage @ O' Feedback from Sat 20th May to Sat 27th May
A nice night with surprising songs with quality musicians. Saturday's.
Live Music at Bovino from Sat 13th May to Sat 30th Sep
Live music night with Leandro, piano and voice. Saturday's.
Brazilian rodizio with a live musical performance by Pau de Cabinda. Call for more information and reservations. 
Club Nau Beach Festival 2017 from Fri 14th Jul to Sun 16th Jul
Live musical performance's on the beach in Ferragudo.
Quiz Night & Snacks May @ O'Gradys 12 Bar from Wed 5th Apr to Wed 31st May
Fun quiz night with snacks. €3 per person. Wednesday's.
Live music night with O Feedback Unplugged.