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I have not received my newsletter for the past two weeks, is anyone else having this problem.

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Dave W-363359 1344856783

Have you checked your profile to see if you're still "ticked" to receive it?
See "My Profile" on the right hand side of the page.

teadrinker-367679 1344863571

I didnt get it either...

saffy-368127 1344871963

Hi, no I am still ticked to receive the newsletter, and glad to hear it was not just me that did not receive it.


saffy-368127 1344872323

Hi, clearing my "junk" mail out I have found this weeks newsletter on there.

grannysmith-367313 1344883119

I was just about to suggest you check your junk. Mine went in there a few months ago.

teadrinker-367679 1344959537

Thanks for that everyone, thats where mine was too!

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