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Hi are there any motor bike clubs in the Bedar area ? Jim

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I spend up to 180 days in Spain.  I have the opportunity of buying a UK registered vehicle from a friend but not until the autumn.  He will by then have spent nearly 180 days here with the vehicle.  My question is this: does the 180 days start again with change of ownership?  i.e. will I be ok to keep it in Spain until December 31st. 

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We're looking for Headlights for a Vauxhall Astra GTC 2014 if anyone has any or can steer me in the right direction 

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HiDoes anyone have any experience of using a gestor to re-register a vehicle on to Spanish plates.In the Mojacar area preferablyThanks

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Does anyone know about buying a car in another EU country and bringing it back to Spain. I saw some cars at much lower prices than I've seen in Spain.Do I pay tax twice ? Thanks

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Does anyone know the regs for bringing an american motorhome to Spain, is it possible to change the registration to spanish and can it be tested (6.5 tonnes)

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Hello all Could someone tell me what the Spanish law is regarding towing trailers? Is there a limit on the weight for unbraked trailers? If so, what is it? If there is a fact sheet available that would be useful. Also does anyone know where I can find the information in Spanish? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Does anyone know of a reliable taxi firm that does airport runs?

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Does anyone know an honest mechanic in the Almeria / Roquetas region? I have encountered nothing buy cowboys and would be thieves. They need not be English speakers just honest. Contact me at kateallcock@gmail.com. Thanks

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Yesterday I inadvertenly parked my car under a tree that was dripping sappy stuff and it has stuck to the paintwork and windscreen in a few places - anyone know how to remove it without causing damage?

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Just a reminder that we are coming up to Semana Santa, so the roads are going to be extra busy - schedule in some extra time if you have any trips to make and remember to take plenty of water/soft drinks in the car, take plenty of breaks if you are on a long journey etc!

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A friend has offered to lend me a trailer to move some kit. As far as I understand, it needs to be re-registered in my name and a number plate issued before I can use it legally. Can anyone confirm whether this is correct - its rather a nuisance as I only wanted to borrow it for a couple of days not buy it!

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Hi, I recently sold a vehicle and cancelled the insurance. I now have another car and am arranging a new policy, but don't want to go with Mapfre this time, as I find them expensive and they don't seem to give very good coverage for the price. Anyway, the new insurer are asking for documentation which shows that I have not made any claims with Mapfre, but Mapfre say that my details are no longer in there system and they can't help. Thats kind of odd, as I had a letter from them yesterday trying to get me back! But I'm rather stuck as to how I get the relevant paperwork if Mapfre won't give it to me! Please help, as I will have to pay 80€ more on my new policy, if I can't prove my no-claims history.

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Hi New here, please be gentle.    We've sold up in the UK and driven down in our 1960's truck and are now in Andalucia - Almeria area at the mo. Wondering where to find the biker community here or further south. Can anyone help?   thanks

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Hi all, can anyone tell me what it costs to tranfer ownership of a car on the paperwork please, I have heard it can be as much as 500 euros, is sounds wrong to me.

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  Many thanks for reading! I just wanted to ask a question which relates to the transferring of ownership of a Ford Focus (British-bought, RHD, but with Spanish number plates and registered in Spain) which was my late father’s, but which, now that probate in Spain has just completed, is now in my mother’s name. Essentially, a good friend of my late Dad has offered to buy the car at a mutually agreeable price. The friend also has previous experience of buying/selling cars in Spain. Additionally, he is a very reliable guy, and has proven himself to know a lot about Spanish bureaucracy, et al., over the years. Furthermore, he is already in receipt of all pertinent Spanish documents in relation to the Focus. Nonetheless, my main concern is this: Without upsetting the apple-cart with the friend, how could I ensure that all the various transfer paperwork is completed in good order so as to avoid a future situation where, because the transfer paperwork wasn’t completed correctly in the eyes of the Spanish motoring authorities, these same authorities then come after my mother at some point in the future over parking fines, penalties, etc., which the new owner (the friend) may have racked up since purchasing the car from us? To be blunt, I am quite ignorant of the hoops which need to be jumped through to officially complete a vehicle transfer in Spain and, perhaps more worryingly, I have been advised by several other Brits living in Spain that I’d be better off having a solicitor or ‘gestoria’ do everything (rather than solely leaving the transfer to the friend) because one false move could be a nightmare to resolve in the future. The problem is, though, the friend has already begun the paperwork. At the end of the day, after such a massive trauma of losing a family member I am really just trying to avoid any future unpleasantries for my mother in connection with Spain (whilst, of course, not casting any aspersions about the family friend, as he really is a sound guy). Any advice would be tremendously appreciated. All the best and again, many thanks for reading.  

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Looking for a mountain bike and also a baby chair to fit on the back. Please pm me. Cheers

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Apparently you can get fined 100€ for each old ITV sticker that you leave on your car. Has anyone come across this?

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Hello Guys, Looking for a baby seat for my push bike, Please post .

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Can anyone recommend a mobile mechanic? Sump cracked and car stuck on the drive?

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