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Stuck at home with the kids. We've found some things online to do such as touring the San Diego zoo. However, we are looking for more ideas. Please post below. Thank you, Susan

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my son is getting married this year and we need to hire crockery glasses etc does anyone know where we could hire these? and if there is a cash and carry near Vera/turre. and maybe caterers many thanks

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My name is Gemma I am a qualified teacher and have been teaching English, Maths and IT Key Skills and Functional Skills at The Manchester College for over 4 years. I now live near Almeria city and am offering tuition in these subjects at reasonable rates. I am also a dyslexia specialist so can provide specialist dyslexia tuition to help you or your children improve their skills. Functional Skills have now replaced the Key Skills qualification in England and children in schools in England must now complete this qualification in addition to their GCSEs. (A level 2 in Functional Skills is the equivalent level of an A-C GCSE.) All students attending an English further education college must complete Functional Skills qualifications in addition to their chosen subjects. They also carry UCAS points. If you would like to know more about the Functional Skills qualifications or are interested in improving your own or your children’s skills in English, Maths, IT or you need help with Dyslexia, get in touch.

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I would be grateful for info about autism care possibilities and facilities (education, therapy, day care, residential...)

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Hola, Hello! I am a Spanish mum from Roquetas looking for a native English speaker to teach English to my little boy who is 1 year and a half. You do not need to speak Spanish because I can do in English and you do not need experience as a teacher, for me is enough is you speak, sing ... in English to him while playing. You just need to love babies! If interested, contact me and will discuss the price and timetable (by now, I am just looking for once a week. Maybe more later on). I attend whatsapp 673616912.  Thank you, Marisa

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morning, rather a very open discussion but can anyone suggest small local schools in which some teachers speak English... Almeria/granada area ?     Thank You.

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Hello, I am moving with my family to Roquetas de Mar in the new year as my partner starts his job there. Please can anyone give me some info on the nurseries as we would like our 2 year old daughter to start one. She is very outgoing and loves other children so we would like to know te best nursery to take her to and also the prices etc.... Also please can you give me some info on the area, is it busy all year round, is it safe etc May thanks

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Got family coming over for xmas and I guess the kids would love to visit santa - does anyone know of any santa grottos or something similiar in Malaga?

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I am looking for the personalised books that you used to be able to get - you send a picture of the person that you want the story to be about and the company put it on a character - does anyone know what I mean and if anywhere still sells them?

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Some friends want me to help their kids practice english - has anyone got any suggestions of games or activities I might do with them?

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Hi everyone, just wanted to post a reminder up here to be extra careful if your kids are playing with inflatable toys around the pool. early this morning, one of the neighbour's children went into the pool, alone, with a rubber ring which wasn't properly blow-up and got into difficulties. Luckily, there were a few of us standing nearby and we were able to grab the little boy and get him out of the water, but it just goes to show how quickly accidents can happen.

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Does anyone know where to buy a regulation school recorder from????

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I have just found out I am expecting a baby and wondered if there are any mums groups out there within the English speaking community that I could join? I am in the Almanzora area.

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where i can buy some reasonable priced childrens shoes from please.

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Please help, where can i buy some childrens out fits from my daughter is nine and my other daughter is 2 years.

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Hello, I have some friends coming to visit and i am looking for two kids sleeping bags any ideas where i would get them from please.

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Any second hand toys for the garden wanted ie slides, swings climbing frames ect. thanks.

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Hello all, Can anybody tell if there are victims of the floods staying at some sports center in the Almeria area, was asked by a friend about helping with free collections off the public and local companies to help. Just cant find anything about it. Please post.

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Do you have to pay all at once for the children's school books?

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is there any water parks in the area.pm please cheers.

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