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I'm looking for recommendations for financial advisors in the area. We have an investment in the UK that is doing nothing! Just about to take up residencia here & would prefer to have something more specialised towards X-pats.Has anyone had any dealings with Abbey Wealth based in Malaga (or Marbella) they used to be Abbey Financial Solutions? Any feedback would be appreciated ;-)

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abatement sum for state pension,is this increased by age?

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Myself and husband moved to France 5 years ago and have spent the time renovating first a 300 year old farmhouse, and now, a 400 year old Peregordine house. Lots of hard work and lots of money spent. But we have a hankering for Spain. We have been to the Costa Blanca North and South, but are very drawn to the area around Lake Vinuela. We have researched it on the internet and also just happened on two TV Place in the Sun type programmes which showed the area. However, we have also read about illegal builds in that area, and that is our concern. We happened to see an article from Euro Weekly News (26/1/15) in which the pressure group SOHA were having a meeting on illegal homes in the area. Can anyone enlighten us further as to how the meeting went, what the situation is at the moment, and HOW DO YOU KNOW WHETHER YOUR PROPERTY IS LEGAL? (We have actually seen property that is advertised as 'having all legal papers' - so does that mean that the ones that don't say that are illegal?) And it's not just the villas dotted around in the countryside either! We read of a development of over 100 recently built properties (in the Costa Blanca area) which were ALL illegal. We've also read of corruption from the planning departments, mayors etc. etc. The problem has been ongoing for a number of years and was supposedly going to be sorted out so that expats' purchases would be 'safe', demolition orders would be reversed etc. but is that happening yet? France apparantly is one of the safest places to buy property due to their legal system, and we have been through the buying process three times with no problems whatsoever. But although we tend to have beautiful summers, we want to be in a warmer and DRIER winter climate, - we have had minus 16 and experience day upon day of rain!  Vinuela is not too far from the sea which appeals to us and looks just the sort of place we would like to live.

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can anyone recommend an english speaking abogado, best if they are in almeria city.

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I tried to return a watch that I had bought because it was faulty but they said that the return date was only one week. I had the receipt and only two weeks are past - should they change it?

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Hi, I’m thinking about opening a sterling account over her in a Spanish bank, preferably in, or not too far from the Albox area, could anyone give me any advice on this matter. Regards Puff

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Can anyone explain how to copyright text on a website?

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I'm claiming unemployment benefit here and was wondering if anyone knows how to sign online. I have my user name but can't figure out where to put it...

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I read in one of the english language online newspapers that a new law requires that we all carry our passports because  if you are asked to show it to the police and do not have it with you, there are hefty fines!

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I found some peseta notes stashed in an old book - do the banks still exchange them or are they worthless now?

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I have just spent the past two weeks travelling around Albox, Huercal Overa, mojacar and surrounds. I hired a car from Malaga Airport. I immediately noticed tht my hire car had obviously benbroken into on at least two occasions despite the fact that it was only a year old. Both the driver's door and the tailgate had been jemmied open at some point.  I note too that the majority of house have metal bars at their doors and windows. How bad is crime and burglary in the area to justifiy the "Fort Knox" appearance of so many properties.   I would also add that during the fortnight that I was in the area I do not think that I have been stopped so many times for no apparent reason by the traffice police, who seemed to be omnipresent whenever I drove off of the motorway. Over the period of two weeks I think I must have gather a set of finger prints on my driving licence and hire documents for just about every traffic cop in Spain! The drill seemed to be that you were stopped immediately yo came off the slip road, made to produce your identity and car documentation and this was then followed by an inspection of the vehicle, including the necessity to open your boot. What is the reason for such vigilance on the part of the police. I was told by some ex pats that it is in an attempt to thwart crime, in that if you were found with a television, hi fi, computer and a box of jewelley in your boot questions would undoubtedly be asked. However, my informants told me that the police are furthering the crime in that whilst they have you at their mercy they will invariably find some excuse to "milk the motorist". At one pooint I was fined 200 euros (a amount which quickly reduced to 100 euros  and then to just 50 euros - provided that I did not want a receipt! No touble guessing where that 50 euros finished up! I had been fined for "driving without due care and attention - a catch all if ever there was one. I was told that bcause of the likelihood of being stopped and fined by the police (and the threat of having your car clamped if you do not pay up on the spot) that most drivers now travel round with 200 euros in cash in their glove compartment or concealed elsewhere in the car. Apparently the thieves know this and are breaking into cars for this very reason. Hence by the police taking advantage of this "stop and search" to line their own pockets, what they are actually doing is increasing the levels of crime that they are supposed to be curtailing.    Other opinions and experiences would be appreciated.  

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As my username suggests I am newly married - but hopefully not too smug. We've got back from honeymoon and are settling into married life in Spain. My next task is to figure out how to officially change my passport, bank cards etc to my married name. Anyone out there who can advise me how to do this, or point me to the information? I'd be very grateful.

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Our savings are earning nothing in the banks so we are looking at buying holiday / rental accomodation in Spain. We dont expect to make 'loads of money' from rental but we would hope that property values have bottomed out and that the future looks brighter for property prices. All comments, advice, and experiences gratefully received. Rob.

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Just in case anyone doesn’t know (I didn’t), if you renew your passport, you should take it to your bank, to update your details, could save you some hassle at a later date.  Regards Puff

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I live in Spain and the pensioners here are making an effort to change the chancellor's mind about the Winter Fuel Allowance. I have friends in other European countries who will also be effected by this and I feel that if we all pull together, the government will realise that we pensioners are not apathetic and that we are a force to be reckoned with. The British Government is going to stop winter fuel payments to people who live in warmer climates. In order to get these changes through  they rely on the apathy of us pensioners. They expect us to accept it saying, "well what can I do?" I believe that we can do a great deal but only if we do it together. There is a petition on the Brithish Government website, you can search for the winter fuel allowance petition on,  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/ if 100,000 people sign it, there is a good chance that it will be discussed again in parliament. Another thing we can do is to bombard the chancellor with questions via public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gov.uk which should make them realise that we will not be ignored. Let us Make a stand on this....... The usually meek and mild F. W.

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Just read an article saying that unemployment in Spain dropped in August. A whole 31 people found work!!! Well done to those lucky ones but it doesn't look like we are out of the crisis yet...

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Hello to all, Been seaching the internet to understand the residency law concerning the right for my wife to stay here in Spain without a visa while applying for residency. I'am from the UK and my wife is a Moroccan national, with this i understand her to be an eu-family member. With the help of a lawyer i've done the residency paperwork and been to Almeria twice to become legally resident, so far all i had in reply ''we'll be in touch'' I was told, all my wife needed was a visa valid for three months to give time for the residency to be sorted out. But now we have a problem it seems, with the process taking over 2 months and still waiting to get my residency my partners visa expires in a few weeks. So that's where we are today, my paperwork is filed at Almeria. My partners ex-19 form and all the documents that go with it sit at home. My Question is, can my wife legally stay with me in Spain after her visa expires? Any help or advice would be greatly apprieciated. Addy

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We have recently moved to Spain and are trying to register for health cover. In the social security office they have asked for an extra form to add to the documents we have. it is a form to say we are on the register for foreigners.  The man referred to it as the green form and we have to go to the office for Extranjeros in Almeria to get it. I have looked on line and do not know whether it is EX17 or EX18. Has anyone had to do this recently and if so can you shed any light on it? I do not want to go all the way to Almeria for nothing!

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What paperwork do I need to open a bank account over here?

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Hi everyone! Can anyone help me to find out where I can receive my NIE number? I left Spain three years ago and wish to return to buy a motorhome for holidays and I need to have it for registration. I used to work for various hotel companies as a rep but these days, I have no paperwork of proof. Please drop me a line back if you have any suggestions. Cheers, Bryan S.

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