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As my username suggests I am newly married - but hopefully not too smug. We've got back from honeymoon and are settling into married life in Spain. My next task is to figure out how to officially change my passport, bank cards etc to my married name. Anyone out there who can advise me how to do this, or point me to the information? I'd be very grateful.

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ash-363570 1224202869

No clue!! But congratulations to you both anyway!


BritGuyespana-364240 1224210147

Congratulations. RE: Passport. If you are resident in Spain and a UK Passport holder you can apply for the passport document from either the British Consulate-General, Paseo de Recoletos,7-9 4th Floor, 28004 Madrid.
Passport tel no: 807 42 90 26
They will require the document to be completed, a copy of your marriage certficate (might need original) photo's and the money.

You can also download this document from the Internet. Tap in British Consulate, MADRID and site will come up. Look for documents to download left hand side towards bottom of page and download the correct one.I have renewed two passports this way and I find it the best option. There are new anti-terror rules re sending it to them and they send it by courier to your home. Obviously this costs but it is the only way now. All the costs involved are attached to the document.

RE: Bank cards and all such things. Get in touch with each provider of each card and explain you have just got married and they will lead you through the process.

I hope this helps and all the very best for a long and happy marriage.

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I don't know whether it is the same in Spain having never been through the process here, but in the UK, I changed the name on my passport first. It made things much easier when changing my bank cards as I already had a recognised form of ID in my married name instead of carting around my old passport and copy of my marriage certificate.


BritGuyespana-364240 1224296241

Yes Betty I totally agree with you and you are absoultely right to bring this up. That was why I put the changing of the passport first but clealry I did not explain it. When dealing with the British Consulate in Madrid you are dealing directly with the UK government so it is exactly the same as if you were dealing with them in the UK.

In other words, to save yourself a whole load of hassle get thepassport changed first.

Also, if a new passport has to be issued it will be the new bio-metric type which is replacing the old type. Great idea without a doubt and it does cost more but as with most things like this there is no way around it. You just have to pay up if you want the passport.

I would also add for helpful information purposes that a lot of people living here get their passport changed by using a friends/family address in the UK. They sign the form that states that when signing they were in the UK when in reality they were not. This is so illegal and the implications if found out are horrendous. Regardless of future Court appearances and fines the UK govt can refuse to issue you with a UK passport after you have been found guilty. If this happened the consequences of being without a passport are very frightening indeed.

I cannot see why this is done when it can all be done LEGALLY through the British Consulate in Madrid. Job done with absolutely no chance of serious repurcussions.

mrs smug married 1224503069

Thank you so much for all the advice. I am going to contact the Consulate right away to get things started.

cscuddles 1389291268

Hi.  I have seen this post and although a long time has past, I do hope you are still SMUG and wanted to ask if you finally did get your name changed?  And how did you do it?

I am divorced, living in Spain for over 10 years and want to go back to my maiden name..  Any info you can share would be appreciated.

Thanks Caroline

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