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Hi everyone! Can anyone help me to find out where I can receive my NIE number? I left Spain three years ago and wish to return to buy a motorhome for holidays and I need to have it for registration. I used to work for various hotel companies as a rep but these days, I have no paperwork of proof. Please drop me a line back if you have any suggestions. Cheers, Bryan S.

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hellboy77 1364209140

Can you clarify? I understand that you already have an NIE but have lost your documentation?

Bryan-369053 1364209962

Hi Hellboy... SI! Yes I need to find out where I can know my number,ie hich ayuntamiento. Ps What is your first name?,B.

Daniel H-13859 1364238712

Have you still got a Spanish bank account or any of the paperwork from a previous one? I'm pretty sure that will have it on there somewhere. Or failing that a call to your previous branch may be worth a shot?

Bryan-369053 1364240745

HI Daniel...Thank you for your response. Yes, I was with La Caixa  AND Sa Nostra. Nevertheless, I have written an email to my hotel in Palma Nova and asked for help there and who knows, they may send it. I will keep trying and let you know the results through AngloInfo, (What a great service they are, brilliant!!). Many thganks again, Bryan S. (Doncaster UK).

hellboy77 1364284355

I was thinking that you could get copies of your documentation from the policia office where you originally registered for your NIE but it could be a rather drawn out process, knowing the way these sorts of things go in spain.

Hopefully you'll manage to get the details through your previous employer, that does seem like the easiest option! Regards, Damien

Bryan-369053 1364288558

Hola Damien...Blimey! Don't you ever get any sleep? (lol) Nice to see that you are up before the milkman!! I've found some old motor insurance papers from Lloyds Of London in Gibralter and I am about to send them an email coz there is a number there which could be my NIE so I will check it out and keep you informed. Where in Spain are you? Chgeers, Bryan S.

hellboy77 1364813653

Hello again, just thought I'd check in and see if you had any luck with finding your number? I was looking through my own paperwork and Iberdrola bills show my NIE - do you have any old electric bills that you could look at?

Bryan-369053 1364815055

Hi folks...Problem solved!! I emailed my old hotel and they responded with my NIE number!! Good eh? Thank you to Angloinfo and your goodselves for you help, Luago, Bryan S./

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