Police entrapment

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Bill Lowe



I have just spent the past two weeks travelling around Albox, Huercal Overa, mojacar and surrounds. I hired a car from Malaga Airport. I immediately noticed tht my hire car had obviously benbroken into on at least two occasions despite the fact that it was only a year old. Both the driver's door and the tailgate had been jemmied open at some point.  I note too that the majority of house have metal bars at their doors and windows. How bad is crime and burglary in the area to justifiy the "Fort Knox" appearance of so many properties.   I would also add that during the fortnight that I was in the area I do not think that I have been stopped so many times for no apparent reason by the traffice police, who seemed to be omnipresent whenever I drove off of the motorway. Over the period of two weeks I think I must have gather a set of finger prints on my driving licence and hire documents for just about every traffic cop in Spain! The drill seemed to be that you were stopped immediately yo came off the slip road, made to produce your identity and car documentation and this was then followed by an inspection of the vehicle, including the necessity to open your boot. What is the reason for such vigilance on the part of the police. I was told by some ex pats that it is in an attempt to thwart crime, in that if you were found with a television, hi fi, computer and a box of jewelley in your boot questions would undoubtedly be asked. However, my informants told me that the police are furthering the crime in that whilst they have you at their mercy they will invariably find some excuse to "milk the motorist". At one pooint I was fined 200 euros (a amount which quickly reduced to 100 euros  and then to just 50 euros - provided that I did not want a receipt! No touble guessing where that 50 euros finished up! I had been fined for "driving without due care and attention - a catch all if ever there was one. I was told that bcause of the likelihood of being stopped and fined by the police (and the threat of having your car clamped if you do not pay up on the spot) that most drivers now travel round with 200 euros in cash in their glove compartment or concealed elsewhere in the car. Apparently the thieves know this and are breaking into cars for this very reason. Hence by the police taking advantage of this "stop and search" to line their own pockets, what they are actually doing is increasing the levels of crime that they are supposed to be curtailing.    Other opinions and experiences would be appreciated.  

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gnomeface 1395217835

Hmm, it sounds like you were unlucky to be stopped so often, i have only been stopped a few times whilst living here and on two of those occasions, they didn't check the vehicle they just looked at our paperwork. Re the evidence of the hire car being broken into, have heard that hire vehicles are picked out by thieves because of the hire car identification stickers - I guess they think tourists are easy targets and carry expensive stuff around.

Juanida 1397324767

Just about all houses in Spain have bars.  They are called REJAS and it has nothing to do with being in an areas where there is a lot of crime.  Some insurers may insist on a house having rejas before paying out compensation.  It is just a tradition in many countries and my spanish husband can´t get over the way that in England the houses are so exposed despite the greater burglary hazard.   Urbanizations where there is a security gate etc possibly maybe don´t have the bars  and apartments don´t very often have them either.  As for the car, well you must never leave things in sight in the car or you could be asking for trouble in many cities or coastal resorts.  You must have been unlucky with the police as I could count on one hand the number of times I've been stopped in 25 years.

hellboy77 1397481740

Good advice from Juanida, its important to use common sense - don't leave handbags/mobile phones on the table while you are having coffee, etc. I wouldnt say crime levels here are high but wherever you are  there are people who will take advantage of an easy opportunity to steal.

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