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We have recently moved to Spain and are trying to register for health cover. In the social security office they have asked for an extra form to add to the documents we have. it is a form to say we are on the register for foreigners.  The man referred to it as the green form and we have to go to the office for Extranjeros in Almeria to get it. I have looked on line and do not know whether it is EX17 or EX18. Has anyone had to do this recently and if so can you shed any light on it? I do not want to go all the way to Almeria for nothing!

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kylexy 1370188188

By "green form" they might be referring to the NIE certificate - mine is green anyway! If you haven't got it you need to apply - you can get further info on that on the angloinfo page : NIE Application

margfore-887044 1370199408

Thanks for your reply.  We already have the NIE numbers -although not green!

I think it is the entry on the register of EU nationals which replaces the old residencia.

If so it is the form EX18.  At the moment as we need an appointment -and as they never answer the phone in order to let us make one -we are at a bit of a standstill.

When I get to the bottom of it I will post it on the website.


28sarahjg 1370251765


It probably is the residencia as last year (when I got mine this was a green A4 form), though now I believe (although things are alway changing here) its gone back to a card again.

It is the EX18 as this is the one for EU residents,

 I went to the office in almeria for the forms (as you need one to also take to the bank to pay before you can get your certificate) though maybe you can download them now.

Also you can make an appointment by emailing the office, which I did, and once I had the appointment I went and paid the fee at the bank a few days before.

Hope that helps!!

margfore-887044 1370252884

Thank you for this information.

It is really helpful and hopefully we can now sort it all out before too long.

Did you have to supply proof of income?


margfore-887044 1370256072

Unfortunately you can no longer e mail the Almeria office!

Back to the drawing board.


28sarahjg 1370277917

Ah thats spanish red tape for you - they dont just keep moving the goalposts, they hide them too!!

I got mine last year just before the rule of proof of income came into force, it was all quite painless then......

So maybe you will need to take a trip to the city, how is your spanish as I have a friend (who is also my spanish teacher) who does jobs like this with people who need assistance with the language...

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