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Myself and husband moved to France 5 years ago and have spent the time renovating first a 300 year old farmhouse, and now, a 400 year old Peregordine house. Lots of hard work and lots of money spent. But we have a hankering for Spain. We have been to the Costa Blanca North and South, but are very drawn to the area around Lake Vinuela. We have researched it on the internet and also just happened on two TV Place in the Sun type programmes which showed the area. However, we have also read about illegal builds in that area, and that is our concern. We happened to see an article from Euro Weekly News (26/1/15) in which the pressure group SOHA were having a meeting on illegal homes in the area. Can anyone enlighten us further as to how the meeting went, what the situation is at the moment, and HOW DO YOU KNOW WHETHER YOUR PROPERTY IS LEGAL? (We have actually seen property that is advertised as 'having all legal papers' - so does that mean that the ones that don't say that are illegal?) And it's not just the villas dotted around in the countryside either! We read of a development of over 100 recently built properties (in the Costa Blanca area) which were ALL illegal. We've also read of corruption from the planning departments, mayors etc. etc. The problem has been ongoing for a number of years and was supposedly going to be sorted out so that expats' purchases would be 'safe', demolition orders would be reversed etc. but is that happening yet? France apparantly is one of the safest places to buy property due to their legal system, and we have been through the buying process three times with no problems whatsoever. But although we tend to have beautiful summers, we want to be in a warmer and DRIER winter climate, - we have had minus 16 and experience day upon day of rain!  Vinuela is not too far from the sea which appeals to us and looks just the sort of place we would like to live.

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