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Can anyone offer any advice of the advantages or disadvantages of registering as a "pareja de hecho" in Spain? Is there anything we should be aware of before we go ahead?

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Hi I am considering a move to Almeria from France. Does anyone have a contact - book keeper/tax expert/gestor, who can look at my situation and advise my liabilities for tax, If I move.  Retired with UK pension and running a small internet business. Any advice appreciated. Harry

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Hello Guys, Could you please let me know where or how i get an NIE number please.

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HI, can you pay back instalments for unpaid bills in spain so you can re-register on the padron?

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Hi, My friend has just given up work to care for her daughter and grandchildren in Spain, due to the ill health of her daughter, can anyone let me know if they are entitled to any help?

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Want to have a market stall, could some tell me where on earth do i start, also may need a translator to help.

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I am living in almeria province and wish some advice on a dispute with a neighbour. We have had a tree taken down in the neighbours courtyard that is A. Two big for its location and its roots are starting to damage my property. And B. giving off so much sap in the summer it is stopping us from using our patio, added to the irritation to our skin and eyes.  Our course of action was to ask for a contact number for the family to disscus the problem because nobody has visited this house for three years, the family members within the village refused to give us a number or claimed that they did not know a number for the family. We eventually contacted another family member within the village who agreed that the tree was the wrong tree for its location and he added that it would cause irritation to the eyes, further to this he agreed to contact the family and would get back to us. This he did and said to cut the tree down. This we did in September 2012. Eventually someone noticed that the tree was missing and contacted the owners who has now reported us to the guardia. The guardia arrived asked for my husband, who is working in England, said it was about the tree and went away again.  I am asking what happens next and does anyone out there have past experience of a similar kind, if the family would have allowed us a number for the owners all this could have been resolved amicably before it gets to This. 

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Looking fo a morgage is their s that any companies that offer 100% in the almeria area please.

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Does anyone know what you need to buy a car on finance in Spain. Mine is absolutely worn out, not worth much and I havent got the cash to replace it. Hope someone can help?

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I want to write a complaint letter as my fridge broke down and the shop took a week to send someone out, I had to phone repeatedly and the staff were unhelpful, as well as the inconvenience of having to buy fresh food every day. Can anyone help or give me any suggestions for wording. Also would sending it by registered post be a good idea?

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Really need a family soilcitor any suggestions?

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My friend is moving out in a week or so, and she is bringing her children, however one has a different father who has had zero contact for the last five years, and her daughter is eight yrs, she has put off the move several times but the children have now had all the school letters from here about starting their School, But will she still have to have his consent as they were married but they have been divorced for six years and over the last twelve months has tried a number of ways to track him down, but has had no look? please post asap many thanks.

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Do you know your rights?I've been amazed recently at the number of people who contact me through my Blog who have no idea of their rights. Equally, it's also important to know exactly what plan or scheme you have.My blog doesn't take adverts and there is no connection to high pressure sales people. I worked in Financial Services for over 20 years so I write on the basis of experience. I no longer give advice but I do provide genuine INFORMATIONCheck it out....no catch, no advertshttp://expatsfrombritain.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/uk-pension-scheme-or-plan-but-you-live.htmldavidgoodall

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can anyone direct me to info about the minimunm wage over here please?

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Hi - Has anyone out there successfully set up their Paypal account to withdraw payments to a Bankia bank account? I have been using Paypal for ages, but since Bancaja have changed to Bankia, I haven't been add my new account number as it says that it is not valid..... Any suggestions welcome!

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I keep seeing advertising about cashing in pensions. Both me and my husband have a couple that we paid into for about 5 years or so. Would they be worth much? Has anyone done this?

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I have received a tax rebate cheque from the UK, just wondering if it is OK to cash it into an account here in Spain, or if therre are any restrictions?

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This year there will be changes to the QROPS arrangements and rules. The draft regulations relating to QROPS published in late 2011 have the potential to change the QROPS landscape. It is becoming accepted that there is likely to be little by way of alteration to the draft regulations and QROPS jurisdictions are looking to adapt with effect from the 6 April 2012 implementation date. The consultation period with the Financial Industry has just completed.There is a little more information on my bloghttp://expatsfrombritain.blogspot.com/2011/12/qrops-in-2012.htmlThe INFOrmation page on Anglo Info has also been updatedhttp://almeria.angloinfo.com/countries/spain/qrops.aspIf you have any questions, please askDavidGSpain

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Has anyone heard anything further with regard to the new Prime Minister revoking the smoking ban?

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are the banks open or closed today?

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