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Hello, I am seeking a sample long term rental contract as I am hoping to rent a house in the region from a company called ACACIA Villas ( based just outside Albox). Does anyone know of this company, has anyone used them?Can anyone help by providing me or pointing me to a sample contract please. The one they have sent doesnot make sense and is missing lots of stuff. ( which is a bit worrying!!)Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thank youCat

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Hi Could anyone please tell me the price per unit for electricity in Spain. Thanks in advance

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Can anyone tell me what the law is regarding disposal of my ashes after I die?

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My dad will soon be 80 and is concerned about travel insurance. Apparently it is very expensive. Has anyone come across a company that supplies it for someone of that age that is a reasonable cost?

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We will be moving to the Almeria province shortly, to live in a 3 bedroom villa near Arboleas. 2 adults, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Can anyone living in a similar property please give an indication of monthly costs for : electricity, gas, water, telephone. Thanks. Cat x

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Hi everyone, does anyone know if its possible to receive any financial help from the government in the form of child benefit/ job seeking allowance/ low income support similar to that in the uk. My famuly and i have been in Almeria since 2002 and have hit absolute rock bottom. None of can find work ( i have a cleaning job tomorrow but it pays only E 2. 35 / hour) My husband, a qualified gas fitter and builder is manageing to find the odd bit but it equates to no more than 1 week in every 5 or 6 and that clearly is nowhere near enough to live on. My , now grown up family have recently gone back to night school to try and get better qualificatins, but that is putting food on the table. As much as i hate the thought of 'benefits', we all have to eat and pay our bills and we are now on the brink of loosing our home. The meer thought of returning to the uk fills me with dread.So as an absolute last result i wondered if anyone has information regarding receiving 'low income ' benefits here in Spain. I cant believe there isnt anything in place for people in this situation. I be so grateful for any advice as we really do not want to lose our home here. Many thanks in advance.

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Someone was telling me the other day that their car insurance includes a fine reduction service. That doesn't sound right to me, and I haven't got a vehicle at the moment, so no way I can check if it is correct, but would be interested to know none the less. Does anyones insurance include this?

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I heard something about the law changing so that you can't go sell scrap metal without some sort of paperwork? Has anyone got any more info as I have a big pile of stuff I'd been saving to sell!

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I will be arriving in Spain (Almeria) in the next few weeks, hopefully to live. I havent found a property yet, I will probably rent. I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on opening bank accounts in Spain? What do I need, where to go etc. I dont speak much Spanish either. Do you have to be a resident as well. Can I use just a passport? Any help is much appreciated.

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Is it possible for me to get a cheque book for my spanish bank account? thanks-

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I would like to find a lawyer who has a lot of knowledge in the sale of cave houses, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction thank you

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I use my passport as ID when paying for things by VISA and so on, as it is the only photo ID that I have. Although it is valid for a while yet, I was wondering what happens when it runs out- will I have to do a renewal or can I continue using it?

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Can anyone tell me what % paypal charge to accept payments?

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This may seem silly, but I have heard people mention that in their community they are forbidden to hang their towels over balconies to dry in the summer, the president told them this ...Just wondering if a community president has any right to dictate to people like that and if any action could be taken on my friends if they did happen to do it...?

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I wonder if anyone can help me with a Residencia question? I haven't got one and never have had one. I have a bank account, own a house here, and have worked here legally. So the questions are, do i need one> Is there a reason legally that I should have one? If I get one what is the difference to not having one? Thanks, and I look forward to reading your replies.

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Please note that this is public information not an advertisement. http://expatsfrombritain.blogspot.com/2010/09/lost-forgotten-and-misplaced-accounts.html contains details of how you can access websites which could help to track down pensions, life policies and bank accounts. It is said that there are BILLIONS of £ left unclaimed in UK accounts.Some could be yours!Good luck and happy huntingDavid

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Can anyone recommend a trustworthy Gestor in Garrucha? Thanks

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Can anyone tell me how you go about getting a gun licence here?

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Anyone tell me the exchange rate in Mojacar area- coming over on hols in a few weeks and wondering whether to change money here or wait till we ge there.Also hoping to find a mobile home to buy in the area...does anyone know of any we can go and see while there - around 10-15K...?ThanksCrissywissy:-)

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I've just moved over and am settling down well, but my neighbour has told me I have to go to my town hold and register for something called a padron. Is this correct, what is it for and do I have to register or is it optional?

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