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I am in the process of setting up a rental business and have heard that there is compulsory government insurance scheme that has to be taken out by all companies that carry client information as part of thier normal business. It has something to do with data protection. My accountant seems to be unaware of it, but I am told that severe fines can be levied against any company that doesn't carry this insurance policy. Has anyone heard of it?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me regarding the legalities of the Long Term Rental Agreement 11 months, we moved in our house 3 weeks ago and i asked the agent what happens if things dont work , and she said it was upto the owner to rectify, However we have had numerous problems as below1. Windows and doors not fitting properly there are 2 inch gaps, at top and bottom, obviously a job lot of cheap windows put in they should be double glazed but with the draft and water that gushes through them, they are not upto living standard2. The Log Burning fire doesnt work, the wind blows down the chimney and puts the fire out and cover the lounge in black soot3. The washing machine doesnt work4. The AC/Hot Conditioning unit doest work.5. When it rains it leaks through the ceiling in the loungeI have been in touch with the agent since we moved in, and all i get is the owner isnt willing to replace, them, and thinks the windows are habitable?? WE have now had to purchase 2 large heaters for the lounge, as without them we have no other heating. I dont see why i should replace an old washing machine, or replace or re gass the AC unit, Arent the owners in Breach of there terms and conditions if not in a habitable state, or in fact goods listed on the itinery dont work?My rent is due again on the 11th and i feel i should be able to rectify the problems with the money owed for the month rather than pay them another 700 when they have made it clear they arent going to do anything.Any advise and help would be appreciated we feel totally trapped, and just want to know where we stand but dont see why we should replace there broken goods

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This news is circulating.......there may be light at the end of the tunnel afterall!A Notification has been issued by the Judge in the procedure of compensation against Vera Council by the legal representatives of Helen and Len Prior.As well as the main claim of compensation against Vera council, a request was also presented for "provisional measures", to be made by Vera council, to grant the Priors accommodation in a property similar to that of the demolished house, or for Vera Council to pay the monthly rent on a similar property.The Judge has now approved these provisional measures and has ordered Vera council to act accordingly.Whilst there is still a long way to go, the notification issued by the court referring to provisional measures, at least guarantees the Priors a home while the main procedure is being dealt with.News has it that the Priors have found a property that suits their needs and are now waiting for Vera Coucil to confirm the agreement

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does anyone have more information, on the income tax realating to people who own homes in spain? i have been told the wealth tax is now gone, and this new tax replaces it. based on value of home, and it does not matter if you live in spain, full time or part time. or even if its a hoilday home, and it has to be done by december. as i am, in england at the moment it will be diffcult to do, i belive you get a form 210 fill it in and send it off.they want nie numbers, plusthe date you bought it, and cadastral value. i thought england was the land of taxes...

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I keep having (a very small)varying amount deducted from my bank account and its described on my statement as "retencion fiscal" anyone able to explain what that is?

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Whats the cheapest car insurance company to use here?

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i have a rural property and want to move into a town, I am think of renting out the place has anyone any advice to offer with regards legal and financial issues

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We've banked with Sabadell (formerly Solbank) since we moved to Spain in 2004. I have no complaint about their service and their staff are usually charming.However, the monthly bank charges are really getting on our nerves now. I wondered if all banks are the same, and charge maintenance fees, etc. or is Sabadell worse than most?  Would appreciate other people's opinions.

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Hi, I am currently living in France but thought of moving more South and wondered if any one knew how easy/difficult it is to register as a self employed crafts person in Spain? It's hardly worth it in France and my business ia currently in the UK. Any advise would be a ppreciated greatly! thanks Tiina

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Can anyone recommend someone to help me arrange to pay the basura (rubbish) for my house? Our present solicitor takes for ever to do things for us and costs a small fortune.

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can anyone give me some info on this I understand you can get a discount card but where from

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Can anyone advise us? We bought a one bedroomed property from MRI, who told us it was simple enough to alter it to a two bedroomed just by putting in a wall on the terrace. We asked about planning permission and they said it wasnt necessary as the builder had always allowed for a second bedroom, all the pre-installation for the electrics were in the walls ready to convert. It would merely be a case of amending the deeds. So two years down the line, our neighbour is selling and been informed he will receive a €7000 fine for not applying to the town hall for planning. Any suggestions?

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Has anyone been in the position where they have been requested to take back someones ashes to the UK? A friends husband has passed away and she wants them taken back and scattered at a local crem. What if I get stopped with the casket at the airport? it could look like drugs! I dont know, what do others think?

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Does anone know of a business that has been fined for opening on an official red day? I hear all sorts of amounts being brandished about if you open or work. Or is it just manual labour you are not supposed to do with heavy machinery?

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Does anyone know of an insurance company here in Spain that will allow monthly premiums instead of a year up front? I just dont have the funds to pay it all at once!

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Does anyone know how you stand if a property near you has been let and the guests are really unruley and noisey? The neighbours have complained to the owner of the property who is in the UK, but he wont listen, its like he as had the money so he is not interested. What could be done legally?

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Anyone tell me where the nearest Australian embassy or Consulate is please?

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just about to renew, in view of the recent fires I want to be sure I have the best company so perhaps I could have some personal recommendations for good people to use. thnaks

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What paperwork do I need to open a bank account?

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I want to sell and buy somewhere a bit bigger whats the thoughts on the housing market

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