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A few of the ladies were discussing our escituras yesterday afternoon and one pointed out that the most important thing was the actual land registry document. What would it look like? would it be inside the same information as the escitura and how would I distinguish it fromt the other documentation ?

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Do I take it that all local town halls are all closed for the whole of August?

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I work part time in local shop and they will not use the air conditioning, when I am working that is. If they come in, on it goes, surely there is a legal obligation regarding working conditions?

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Hi, we are hoping to find someone quite important to us and would like some advice on how to find an equivalent of an electoral role or residents list of Almeria. We only have the name of the individual and her date of birth but no address.Can anyone advise please the best way to go about finding someonethank you

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Has anyone undergone a medical to be able to continue to drive over here? If so whats the age is it over 60 or 65? Is it not possible to continue with a UK licence, what would be the benefit of swopping to a Spanish licence? Thank you.

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My grandfather has a property in costa balnca and wants to move to Almeria, he says prices have dropped by half there whats the situation here on prices

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You think you have heard it all. The latest, a shop in Baza have defrauded more than Euros 600,000 from 50 clients by asking for loans in the clients names. They haved used the clients DNI identity cards telling the clients they were merely carrying out a solvency check before granting credit but applying to the bank for the loans. How do they think these scams up! So watch out who you are giving your identity details to.

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It seems the Police are trying to stop illegal taxis but a lot of innocent people are getting caught up in the system. I read about it in the round town news online, I hope its not as bad as it appears has anyone had a pesonal experience of this at Alicante or Murica airport?

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Does anyone know what that actually means here in Spain?? My neighbour rented out her place and the guy has stopped paying, he reckons he has squaters rights? She really is upset and doesnt know where to turn. Any advice?

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Talking over the weekend about my plight, a local chap said that he just wanted someone to take over his mortgage, he didnt want anything for the house and he would sign over the escitura to whoever was prepared to take on his mortgage. Surely this cant be legal can it? What if the property was signed over then the purchaser stopped paying the mortgage? Would the bank allow someone to do that? I have my doubts.

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What is a catastral number and where would we get it from?

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To may dismay I have received two bills from the townhall for my property. What confuses me is one is for 2008 and the other for 2009, but sent in the same envelope and the 2009 slightly more Euros. My question is what is an Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmeubles de Naturaleza Urbana - I thought I was paying everything monthly so this has taken me by surprise. Will I have to pay both as the date shows 5t July 2009? Any advice much appreciated. Thank you

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I am sure most of us sympathised with the British couple, the Priors who had their home demolished in Almanzora. It has been decided by a court in Madrid that the proceedings leading up to the event were not carried out correctly and therefore the demolition order was not valid. I am glad its been acknowledged but how sad, they are still living in their garage with no utilities. I hope lessons are learnt from this.

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Does anyone have any idea about the rate of tax payable by an employee? Is there a threshold like there is in the UK, like if you earn say under Euros 100 per week you dont pay?

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My friends boss owns a pool chemical shop and has said that they must open at Easter, on the Thursday 9th and Friday 10th. Its a red day on the calendar so I thought that apart from restaurants and bars that they must shut?

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Mum gets her pension in a a few months time but having just lost her job will have a cash flow problem till then. She will get a lump sum and a pension and wonders if the bank will help her till then.

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I read that Spain are seriously considering going back to Pesetas, would that work? Surely with the administration over here that would be a nightmare, what do others think? SteveB

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Does anyone know how long you have after leaving the UK to claim back any tax? My husband joined me over here last April and I just wondered if he may be entitled to any tax back? He worked right up to leaving. Thanks

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Does anyone have any idea on wording for a tenancy agreement? Just some general pointers to protect both parties I suppose. Thank you. SteveB

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A mate of mine has been looking in to using Moneycorp. Has anyone else used them to transfer funds over from the UK? Tezcal

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