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where do I go to get this, I have to be in UK for a number of weeks and want to be prepared

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We are looking at our options regarding income and recently thought about running a bed & breakfast, as we have a basement that could be converted. Has anyone out there attempted this and I am almost to frightened to ask whats the legalities like? Sweet Water

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Yesterday i got a letter from my Bank asking me to ring them re my master card account. This i did and they told me I was overdrawn, this was because they have continued to pay my AOL broadband in UK even though I cancelled the account with AOL when I sold up and moved here over three years ago. What should I do the amount runs into quite a few 100 pounds.

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I read that Greenpeace draped a large piece of green canvas over a hotel that was built illegally in the Cabo de Gata area on Thursday. Good to bring it back in the public eye I feel. Its been standing empty for over four years, what a total waste of money. Bob Ross appreciation society

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My parents have asked me to find a property manager for there place and someone has been recommended, however I do not think they are a legal registered business and this concerns me. Any advice welcome

started by: sweetie-364443 · last update: 1234214170 · posted: 1234020679

After lengthly discussions at home, I have to stop my private health cover due to budget restraints shall we say. This is worrying but I cannot see an alternative, my question is, could I survive with an EHIC card alone? I just dont know what to do for the best. Any advise?Sweet Water

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Yesterday my gazebo was very badly damaged in the gusts of strong winds that we all experienced. Is this sort of thing covered on houshold insurance? I always get a little nervous sorting out paperwork over here and wondered if its worth the bother?

started by: queenvic · last update: 1232462960 · posted: 1232447850

I am one of the lucky ones. I own my home and I have a UK pension. I know there quite a bit of whinging from some quarters but lots of us OAPs are better of than those with families. What I wonder is what help is there for the poor souls who have problems paying their mortgages.

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I see that Moneycorp advertise here on AngloINFO. Has anyone used them for transferring funds from the UK? I am a little nervous about giving my details out.

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Recently friends of ours found to there disbelief that their builder have taken money from their account to cover the cost of collecting rubbish. The urbanisation has not been take over by the town hall. The builder has their bank details as they take water and electric from them. Surely this is illegal, has anyone else come across this?

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Has anyone attempted to obtain a taxi licence? I would like to give it a go but wanted some advice first.

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Does anyone one know how I register an association in Spain?

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We are really having problems making ends meet and are worried about our mortgage repayments. I feel if we tell our bank we are struggling they will be on our case and watching our bank balance, ready to pounce. There isnt a citizens advice bureau we can confide in, is anyone else in a similar situation or could advise us?

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Has anyone heard of lowratesspanishmortgages.com?SteveB

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Has anyone been asked to pay a "complementary tax" on a property bought during the last 5 years. My solicitor has informed me that I need to pay an additional amount based on the land registry revaluing my property, without any inspection, 9 months after completion. They have decided their own fair market value which is higher than the purchase price and are taxing me on the difference. All taxes were paid at the time of completion. Is this legal and has anyone else been asked to pay this?

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Can anyone advise me, I have the opportunity to pick up some extra work just temporary over the Christmas holidays and I have been told I will not be put on the books for such a short duration. Would I get into trouble?

started by: sweetie-364443 · last update: 1229450130 · posted: 1229093462

As things are getting very tight for us financially I wondered if anyone has tried negotiating their mortgage repayments recently and how understanding they found the banks over here? Sweet Water

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are there any situations where this can happen, info needed.

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I understand that as from Saturday Airlines Companies will have to put the full price of a ticket in any ads which sounds like good news to me.

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Any idea how much it costs to call a Spanish mobile in France (from a landline)?

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