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I have been offered a job, I am lucky I do no need to work but am getting a little bored.What worries me is I understand if I work here even for the two years until retirement I will have to claim my pension through Spain. I am concerned this may get complicated, any advice?

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I have heard from a friend on costa blanca that action is now being taken against the customer of a company that provided Brit TV via a retransmitted signal. Has anyone heard about that happening elsewhere?

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What would you say the average working week is for the Spanish? I have been offered some fulltime work but its 45 hours per week which seems a bit steep to me, are their guidelines?

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What is the legal position on receiving UK TV programmes, our community would like to install something but it must be legal, we would like to tie it in with the need to prepare for the switch from analogue in Spain

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I was absolutely astounded that Lehman Brothers has folded, I hope Barclays does come to the rescue. I am curious how others over here are coping with the dip in their pensions, alot of adjustments being made in our household for sure. It would be great if people did start to invest back into property rather than pension funds, Spain could do with some help. SteveB

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Another problem we have faced recently is we have paid for licences for raising walls, pool, etc to the builder and assumed when evertyhing was complete it was all finished. with. Over twelve months later we have the local police arriving with a certificate/demand for payment of tax for the work carried out! Is that the norm.

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Can anyone comment on whether they think it would be a good idea to take details other than the names of guests when they stay over. Like passport, next of kin etc. Just in case there is an emergency.

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Friends of ours are thinking of buying a finca, all the work has been granted licences apart from the pool, which has now been built for over five years. How would they stand legally, does anyone know or had any similar experience?

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What documentation would one have to hand in at the bank to prove non-residencia? SteveB

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My financial exchange broker is advising me to change my money into Euros at an outright forward rate, what exactly does this mean.

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Is there any law that would stop me renting out my spare room? I thought it boost my income as my pension is just not going as far as it used to. Would it be a lot of jargon and paperwork for an older lady to get her head around?

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I have been insuring the buildings and the contents now and wondered if I should actually bother with the buildings and just stick to the contents. What do others do?

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A bit of a touchy subject but has anyone had any experience of divorce over here? I know their general administration takes alot to be desired and I am a little wary but equally we marry over here so I guess we divorce over here too.

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I am in a bit of a quandary over becoming legal. I am worried that I wont earn enough to cover the monthly outgoings like social security cover, insurance, a tax assessor etc. I am only a one man band. I was thinking of trying things for a couple of months first to test the market but wondered if I am caught what the repercussions would be? Charlieboy

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I have just been having a look at another site and a poor chap is trying to trace his fathers will. I just wondered, if you had no idea where a member of your family made out their will where would you start to look? It also made me realise I should indicate this type of thing somewhere safe with all my other papers. SteveB

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Can anyone tell me whether these offices will be open for business through August? I want to register my E106 and wondered if its a good idea at this time.

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When we took out a mortgage last year we had to take the banks life insurance and home insurance. We also had to pay in a lump sum. We will check with the bank but I just wondered if anyone else had changed over to paying monthly and how easy is it to arrange. Tezcal

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Does the town hall and council buildings close the whole of August?

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Are these a good idea would like some info from anyone who has bought one or decided not to. What other things can you do to make sure your prepared.

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A friend of mine is setting up a business here in Spain and wants to know how she can find out about a Eurogrant. Does anyone know how she would go about it? Thank you

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