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I know we are all struggling with the lousy rate we are getting for our pound. I just wondered if the rumours about dropping it down till it equals the Euro bares any truth? It does make you wonder. Frightening, whats do others think?

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A guy has said legally he can employ me on a casual basis for a month and because I am training I dont need a contract, is that the case?

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I have a 30 year old friend who is coming to live in Spain how can they find out about pensions here. They want to know if they should take out a private plan to back up the state one.

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Apparently the British Embassy in Madrid has issued a statement announcing that there is a temporary halt to the passport courier service as a result of the recent transport strike. If you have already submitted a passport application then you can check with the embassys hotline betwee 10:00 and 14:00 on 915 249 761.

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So if I have this right, to be self employed, I have to register with the tax office, which in turn means I have to employ someone on a monthly basis to sort my tax for me, then pay my social security which is around €250 per month, plus whatever the autonomo is, before I earn a bean. Its all abit scary.

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My daughter and her friend are thinking about coming over from the UK to work for the Summer, and I was wondering what kind of wages they can expect to earn. They are both in their early 20s and I would imagine will be doing bar or kitchen work.

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How can I find out what the current Euro exchange rate is?

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my friend has contacted me re selling her property, she asked me if nows a good time or not.I live here full time she does not. I really do not know what to advise so would welcome so input. Thanks

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Is it true that the yearly wealth tax on properties in Spain has been abolished? Tezcal

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A friend of mine came unstuck recently when he was stopped by the police, he didnt have his wallet with him which had his driving licence in it. Remember you should always keep it with you in the car. Tezcal

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Can anyone tell me how I am fixed financially if I have to have some time off for sickness? I am legally registered as self employed so I would hope that I would have some assistance.

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Can anyone tell me do you pay a gestor on the work they do as a one off or do you have to pay them like a monthly fee for them to handle your affairs? And which is best a gestor or a abogados?

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What's this business about the Mayor of Zurgena being done for corruption?

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Can anyone explain how I go about going self employed? I have heard the word autonomous used I take it thats what it mean. How do I go about do this ??

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What's this I've read about the local government demolishing homes of expats in Almeria? We are in the very early stages of planning a move to Spain and are obviously concerned by this. Can someone explain what is happening?

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Does this new legislation mean the end of golf course properties?

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Given all the problems with houses being demolished in the area, would it be worth getting a certificate of legality?

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Who's the best for a mortgage here? Banks, specialist mortgage providers? Advice please for, also what sort of interest rates I should expect thanks

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Family members from the states are coming over soon and we need to find out if they change change dollars around here. Anyone know? I'll be back

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Does anyone know the new system for acquiring residencia? I live at Albox.

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