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I think I am going to struggle to make my mortgage payment next month. What should I do? I've heard that Spanish banks can be very strict if a payment is late.

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Hi all!!! Me and my husband bought 2 years ago an apartment off-plan in Duquesa (near Marbella) and some months ago the developer told us that our apartment was going to be delayed, by another year! As you can imagine we were a bit annoyed and after talking to our family we decided to pull out. Someone recommended us these lawyers in Marbella and we called them immediately and dealt with Felipe. Some months later we got our money back plus interests!!! We are really happy now and thinking about where to go on holidays! It is worth it having a look, they are in more countries if you need and they can help you with all kind of problems. If you want send Felipe an e-mail, I don’t know if I can give you his personal one. Well, anyway you can send it to the general one (info@martinezechevarria.com) and then write “to the attention of Felipe Martinez”. They also have an office in Roquetas. Good luck and all the best!!! Paul and Marianne

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I need to deposit some money into a Spanish bank. Does anyone know which banks give the best savings rates.

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I have found the Spanish health system very good, That said I have not had a serous problem, touch wood. If you do need some hospital care what's it like, would it be better to go private?

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Just to let people know UK pension forecasts will not be available untill after August 2008 as the Pensions computer is being upgraded with the new rulings that will affect people of pensionable age from 2010.

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I am trying to help an elderly neighbour who is selling up to go back to family in UK. She has someone interested in her Apartment but we have hit a problem as she does not have her deeds, what's more she cannot remember if she ever had them. The property was new 3 years ago. What can I do to help her find them?

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I am thinking of remortgaging , can anyone tell me of a reputable English speaking company to ask for advice please.

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I have been offered a job managing a bar which is great. Trouble is the owner, who lives in UK, does not want to give me a contract. This does not sound good news to me what do other forum uses think?

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I'm not expecting expert advice, but can anyone give me a general overview of how inheritance law works for co-habiting couples?

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I need to renew my home and content insurance. I think I am paying over the odds so can anyone recommend a good insurance company please.

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Can someone give me an overview of how the income tax system works in Spain? I am moving over soon, but my partner will still be earning an income in the UK (flying backwards and forwards) until he can make the move permanent. Will he have to pay income tax in UK or Spain?

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Roughly how long does it take to sort out the NIE number application - hours, days or weeks? Do you have to be a living in Spain to apply or can you apply in advance? Also can someone else collect it for you? Thanks for the help.

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I read a small news item that said young people in Spain are to get financial help with paying rental on there homes. Has anyone heard any details of this scheme?

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I am considering building a conservatory on to my home. Friend said planning laws are complicated are they?

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Does anyone know of any banks in Spain which allow you to open an account online?

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We intend to make an extra bedroom in our apartment using up some of the patio area. Our builder said we do not need a licence? surely when we come to sell on the escitura would have to reflect the additional bedroom? Has anyone else done this, it appears to be quite the known thing to do if you have a large terrace but I am concerned about the legal implications of doing this.

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Is there anyone who could assist us with getting our NIE numbers at Baza? We are stuck in a situation where we have no transport to get us there [and one of us has mobility problems] because we are unable to get a car until our NIE is sorted.Can anyone help? We live in Huescar, Granada. We would gladly pay for time etc.http://www.kyero.com/ad/58OOTllSZSX7NfTqdsgbpg/name/home-page

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