cooking dried chickpeas

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Bought a bag of dried chickpeas today - can anyone explain how to cook them as I haven't done it before.

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ClearRivers 1378978033

Hope I'm not to late to help you! I find they turn out best when I soak them for 12+hrs, then put in a pan and slowly bring to the boil, then simmer till tender (can take a couple of hours).

gnomeface 1379171050

Thanks they turned out perfectly!

roobarb-367764 1379352908

I heard that you can avoid the pre-soaking bit and just boil them for longer - anyone know if that is right?

ClearRivers 1379491172

roobarb - you can do it by bringing the chickpeas to the boil , boiling quickly for 3 mins then switch off and leave to stand for an hour. Rinse, put in fresh water and slowly cook until tender (3/4hr approx) the other option is to get one of those jars of pre-cooked chickpeas, they are a bit more expensive but save on cooking time.

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