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Now its getting cooler I tend to do more cooking, and we eat more "hearty and warming dishes". I thought it'd be good to share our budget winter eats! I have a really quick recipe for a basic lentil and tomato soup. You just get a jar of those pre-cooked lentils (get one that also has vegetables if you can.) Drain and then mix with tomato frito and maybe some chopped plum tomatoes and heat. You can blend it or leave it chunky, and curry powder is a nice addition for some extra kick.

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loiza-903500 1413571938

Those jars of pulses are such an excellent buy if you are on a budget and don't want to spend ages boiling pots of the dried ones. WE ask for a jamon bone off the butcher and cook it to make a stock then add vegetables and finally cooked lentils. Nice rich soup.

firefly-367680 1413807469

Doubled baked potatoes are always a hit in our house.

rosewood-368931 1413886309

We find a small chicken for roasting to be a good buy, first we have a sunday lunch, then sandwiches, then make a stock or soup from the bones. It really goes a long way for a few euros.

hellboy77 1414170824

A good spanish omlette is always filling and is only potatoes and eggs so very cheap to make.

football crazy-903502 1414445189

If you have a big freezer, batch cooking is a good idea. If you get mince on offer you can do bolognese or chili or whatever your household favourite is and then have plenty of portions ready for days you dont want to cook.

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