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I was watching a demonstration on juice therapy and they talked about nopal cactus, but I think that was the mexican name for it. Does anyone know what its called over here and if it is possible to buy (or even grow).

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oh, so its prickly pear. I wonder if I could prepare it myself (sounds...prickly), or it does mention that its available in cans - anyone seen cans of it for sale anywhere here?

football crazy-903502 1411123407

Arg prickly pears are a nightmare, you are welcome to come and chop down our and have all the juice you like!

hellboy77 1411378517

If you have one of the little south american stores near you, they'll probably have it or know where you can get it. Is it the fruit or the leaf of the plant by the way? I have tried the fruit and they are quite interesting.

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