oroweet bread - where?

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I got a loaf of really nice sliced multigrain bread from my local dia a couple of weeks back, but they haven't had it in stock again. Its called Bimbo Oroweet - has anyone seen it in another supermarket?

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hellboy77 1388593083

I haven't seen that specific brand, but my girlfriend buys an awesome multiwheat bread from Mercadona, so you could try that if you can't find the orowheat

rosewood-368931 1388743641

I will take a look at that next time I go to mercadona, thanks for the suggestion

rosewood-368931 1388940778

I tried your suggestion - the bread from mercadona is lovely and cheaper than the bimbo stuff too! thanks very much for that

kylexy 1389005894

great, i'm pleased you found the info handy! 

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