Paleo diet

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Does anyone follow the paleo diet? How do you get on with it? any suggestions for beginners?

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kylexy 1407263373

What is it?

hellboy77 1407314590

I tried it for a while and it wasn't for me - I do like the paleo style exercise plans though and sometimes make a "paleo" recipe but without following it full time.

football crazy-903502 1407750216

its also known as the caveman diet...this page gives you an idea of what the diet is based on

firefly-367680 1408522786

I have friends who rave about how great ths diet is, but I can't see how limiting what you eat can be healthy. There are a lot of things that aren't "paleo" that are really useful as part of a healthy balanced diet.

gnomeface 1408907401

My advice is to read as much as possible about it online. Lots of different theories about why it does/doesnt work.

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