Picking oranges and lemons....

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Jo & Mark



Hello  We have just moved to Mojacar and have noticed that a few people are growing oranges and lemons in their gardens. Unfortunately, we are not one of the lucky few !!  Has anyone got any to give away or need someone to come and pick them from their garden? As we would love to have them to make lovely jam or cakes. Or does anyone know where we can "pick your own"? Thanka...

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ClearRivers 1399064664

Just make friends with any of your neighbours who have orange/lemon trees, I'm sure they will be happy to give you some!

Juanida 1399289707

Oranges and lemons here still are very cheap at the moment but will soon become expensive, as in the case of oranges, when the late variety finishes.  By cheap I mean oranges around 50 cents a kilo if you buy in a local market, like Vera  on Saturdays.   Some places like the Los Gallardos petrol station or Ramblizo n the Real de  Antas  are selling sacks of them or 6 euros.  Lots of people like me have more lemons than they can use and lemons crop all the time except in the hottest months.  All our  orange trees keep us supplied between January and May because we eat a lot of fresh fruit.

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