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My neighbour gave me a big courgette - does anyone have a good recipe to try?

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I wonder if I am alone in finding it difficult to get a really good cup of tea? In the bars they keep serving it made with hot milk (yuk)  so I have started having infusions instead....but even at home, the teabags that I got from Dia don't have any flavour, I've left them in 10 minutes to brew and it does't work! Any ideas of a teabag brand to try?!

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Hi everyone Now summer is really here, I am finding it quite hard to stay properly hydrated and getting loads of headaches. I know we are supposed to drink lots of water, but I get a bit bored - can anyone suggest other no calorie/low calorie drinks to have instead?

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Hello! I bought a red cabbage from the market because it looked yummy, but now I'm wondering what to do with it! Recipe suggestions very welcome please!

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I really like oat milk but it is 1.40€ a carton in mercadona, so over the weekend, I tried to make my own,,,but it was a bit blahhh. I'm not sure if I did it right (soaked oats over night in water, then process through juicer). Any tips?

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Hi, Wanting to go out for an I dian  meal, but there are loads to choose from, can anyone reccommend one near Olula Del Rio Please.

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I want to lose a couple of kilos before summer and wondered if anyone had any suggestions of a good diet plan to follow?

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Hi Guys, Is there any cash and carries around that sell the colouring pastes ect for cake making. Please email me on the contact details below. Thank you

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Hi Guys, if you of anyone selling cake molds or accassories for cake making and decorating, please email. Thank you

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Hi, Can any one tell where to find a shop that sells baking items please.

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what are lamb shanks called in spanish?

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does anyone know where I can buy tahini?

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I got a waffle grill the other week, but it didn't come with instructions. Can anyone help?

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I popped into Sol Supermercardo this afternoon and they have some great bargains in store. There are many items on sale for just 1€, some are 2 for 1€ and there are even some for 3 for 1€.  If anyone knows of any other bargains around do please share.......

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Does anyone know of any baking / cake decorating classes running in the area?

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I am trying to find a heart shaped a heart shaped tin to make a Valentines cake, has anyone seen one anywhere?

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A friend brought me some calasparra rice, I had a look in the little sack and it looks like paella rice - can anyone confirm that is what I should use it for?

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We have visitors coming over and fancied visiting a vineyard somewhere in Almeria. Has anyone got any recommendations please?

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we are trying to follow a healthier diet as a new years resolution but feeling a bit uninspired - anyone know of some good local dishes which we could try? low in fat and lots of veggies as we need to eat more of them!

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If you haven't got any yet, make sure you buy your lucky grapes this morning as they'll sell out quite quickly!!!

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