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Can't think of what to cook for New year's eve, what is everyone else doing?

started by: mel-367315 · last update: 1354529782 · posted: 1354129224

Hi Guys,  Where can i buy english bread please.

started by: susanf-367636 · last update: 1354129003 · posted: 1354128575

Just thought i would share the german bar in olula is excellent tapas.

started by: smartalec · last update: 1352498254 · posted: 1352485321

Went to the Mason in Olula last weekend, excellent steak.

started by: daved-368090 · last update: 1352448939 · posted: 1352226884

Where can you buy fruit juice from such as Vimpto....cant seem to find any?

started by: hellboy77 · last update: 1351928598 · posted: 1351627195

someone told me about special halloween/all souls day cakes that are traditional here, can anyone tell me what they are?

started by: cathy-367329 · last update: 1349217151 · posted: 1349202301

Looking to find a nice rabbit to cook for next sunday, is their any in Olula del Rio, as i will be in the area on friday ans saturday. Thanks

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Hello,   Need a 4ftx5ft pond buliding, if you know anybody i live in Albox. Thanks

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I bought a lovely big papaya on the market yesterday - anyone got any suggestsions for a nice dessert to make with it? Also, it is true that you can eat the seeds?

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Hi Is there anyone who knows the recipe for the dressing that the chinese restaurants use for the salads. The salads usually have iceberg lettuce, cucumber a piece of pink lint( ham) etc. The dressing is a whitish colour with a sweet and sour taste. It doesnt contain mayo or soy sauce. I think it contains rice wine, water, salt and sugar. Thanks

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I keep seeing snails on various tapas menus and just wondered if anyone had tried them?

started by: grannysmith-367313 · last update: 1345147587 · posted: 1345146596

I have actually found an English product cheaper over here than in the UK. Heinz Big Soup. I paid £1.29 in Asda just 2 weeks ago and have found it on offer in Price Busters for just 99 cents.....I am amazed!!

started by: hellboy77 · last update: 1344425598 · posted: 1344240192

I keep making mistakes and buying cheeses that dont seem to melt properly(for lasagne toppings/sauces or just cheese on toast!) what is the best cheese for these kinds of things?

started by: mel-367315 · last update: 1344254472 · posted: 1343904322

My brother is coming to stay and his wife is a vegan. I had a quick look on the bbc good food guide, but I am struggling with what is vegetarian and what is vegan, can anyone help me please?

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Hi all. I am fed up of making the same old meals and need inspiration. We love chicken, pork and fish,and prefer rice or potatoes to accompany it, there are usually 4 of us dining at the same time. Has anyone got any tried and tested favourites they might like to share.Look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks.

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Can anyone tell me how to make granizado like they serve in bars here?

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My mum has given me 2 of those plastic containers to cook boiled eggs in the microwave. She never used them and cant remember how many minutes you have to put them in for. Does anyone know??

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Yesterday I got a free sample of some of eroski's new "sannia" brand foods - thought it might be interesting to let you guys know about the range as they are all products which are healthy - low in salt, sugar, fat and so on....maybe useful to anyone on a restricted diet!

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We have been coming to Vera playa for over 28 years and have been going to bellavista since it was open,the food is great,the staff friendly,the prices spot on and also what a lovely view of the beach. Recommend trying this

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Hello to you all We all got back late from work the other night and wanted something hot and quick, we haven't been to Frankies for a few years and again it was just as nice, lovely food and pleasant staff. We will be going again but more frequent than a few years time. Well done to the Frankies team keep up the the nice food and see you soon. All the best

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