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23 May 2012 21:17: Hello to you all We recently celebrated three 50th birthday parties at the same time at this restaurant with a table for nine. We were looked after very well and the food was lovely. It is situated on the main road before you turn into Villaricos near Vera playa almeria. They speak English and Spanish and the food suits all nationalities. Enjoy and remember to book as it gets busy. Regards acsspain

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A family member recently went to Osteria mojacar for a meal and was very impressed, they had the set evening meal.the food was nice and overall good. So thumbs up here. Enjoy acsspain

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I want to make home-made fish and chips, what sort of fish would be best to buy does anyone know?

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I cant' find self raising flour in the supermarket here. What do spanish people do when they want to bake a cake???

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Please can anyone recommend an English cake baker, as i would like to order one for my daughters birthday. I have already been recommended Carolyn but she is away on the dates i need the cake.Thanks.

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I bought 2kg of strawberries - couldn't resist at 99cents! anyone got any nice recipes to help me use them up?

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I am thinking of buying a juicer so that I can make the most of the cheap fruit and veg available here, has anyone got any tips on what type of model/brand of machine is best?

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If anyone fancies saving a few pennies on white potatoes, then commercial carmona over in Olula del Rio are selling 15kg bags for only 4€. They had red as well which I think were 5€. I bought some this afternoon and they are really good quality.

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Has anyone seen cream soda(the fizzy drink) for sale over here? A friend and I were reminscing about favourite childhood drinks/foods and now I really fancy a nice glass of cream soda!

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I have leftover smoked salmon, don't want to use it in sandwiches, anyone got a good recipe or two to suggest?

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The turkeys are in Pricebusters, they have some nice big ones!

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anyone got any suggestions for a simple yet tasty starter dish to serve on christmas day (pref with local ingredients!)

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Anyone know where I can buy an iced christmas cake and plum pudding near Adra?

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I saw that Lidl have lobsters on offer this week , but since I havent tried cooking one before, I was wondering if anyone knew how difficult they are to prepare? Would it just be a case of putting it in a pan of boiling water , or would I need to clean it or anything?

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has anyone seen suet for sale please?

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Does anyone know of a good mexican restaurant here?

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Whilst I havent seen our traditional Bramley apples here for sale, I wondered if anyone has tried any of the Spanish ones to make an Apple pie?

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Where are the best priced jamon for sale this year? Last year eroski was good at 39€ has anyone seen anything around this price or bettER?

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Thought I'd start a post where we can share info about good deals going on in the supermarkets! Have you seen any good special offers on day to day essentials recently?

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we have a lovely pomegranate tree - can anyone tell me the best way to juice them, i tried yesterday but just made a mess and very little juice....

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