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Hi, does anyone know of a reliable source of French plonk/ sales in the area? Not overly keen on high-octane, thick Spanish plonk, so looking to buy French, which we prefer. Thanks.

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Some friends are coming to stay with us for a few days and they like Greek food, are there any places around the Turre area that does Greek food?

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We are off to Roquetas for a few days but eating out is a problem for me as I have to steer clear of Gluten. Is there anyone over that way that knows if there is a restaurant that would cater for that, as I would love to get out and eat rather than do it all ourselves?

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I bought some cheese called "queso latino" any ideas for recipes which use it?

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Has anyone tried Sobrasada?

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Is there anywhere in Roquetas that anyone can recommend for takeaway food?

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Looking for a strong flavoured Spanish cheese which is good to use in cooking. Any suggestions?

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Its about time to start making that classic spanish soup - gazpacho! I have only made it once and went a little overboard on the ajo! Hass anyone got a good, tried and tested recipe that they'd like to share??

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Off to Mojacar today with the family....can anyone recommend a nice restaurant that does great steaks so I can treat my dad?

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Can anyone tell me if there is a "use by" with bottles of water that I have filled from a natural water source. I seem to remember reading somewhere that six weeks is the max, but can't seem to find the info again.

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Just found out that the supermarkets are closed until Tuesday....is anywhere open?

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can anyone tell me about different types of olives - I know you get green and black, but i have seen small pinkish ones too and a huge variety of sizes. How much do the flavours differ and are some better for cooking and others better for snacks or?

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When I shop in Mercadona I can see that they have different types of flour and they are all cheaper than in the English supermarkets. What I am unsure about is which is plain and which is self raising....does anyone know the answer to this?

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I picked up a bag of dried chickpeas in the supermarket, can anyone tell me if they need to be soaked or will they rehydrate just by boiling?

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Are there any places that do takeaways within about 20 mins of Albox/Arboleas. Wife is off to the Uk for 2 weeks and my cooking aint that good?

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My brother wants to take a whole jamon to uk. are there any restrictions on this, and can he put it in his hold luggage?

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does anyone know of anywhere putting on a special menu with entertainment if possible, on valentines day?

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Can anyone advise if their is a supermarket in Orgiva selling a wide range of English Food Products. thank you jonathan

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We went to a new restaurant last night with some friends. Its near the Eroski near Fines and was really nice. They also have a lovely function room which could be used for parties. They are Spanish and do not speak English. But for anyone looking for somewhere new to go, or somewhere to hold a party it might be worth a look. Its called Asador El Encuentro, and is adjoining the wholesaler Cash Uribe building.

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I have picked a load of Olives today and was going to keep some and store them. Has anyone got any tips on this that they have tried? Someone said try them with orange peel.....not too sure about that one?

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