started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1293206161 · posted: 1293036633

anyone spotted goosefat for sale?

started by: maisy-367461 · last update: 1293190682 · posted: 1293102184

I wanted a buy a duck to cook for Christmas Eve, not just the breast, the whole thing....has anyone spotted them for sale anywhere?

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1292928580 · posted: 1292836080

anyone seen brussels sprouts for sale?xmas dinner wont be the same without them!

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1291409776 · posted: 1291368145

Hi guys just thought it may be useful to some of you to know that Eroski's own brand range jamon is very very good. We bought a jamon yesterday for 35€, and it's delicious, in fact better than the one we bought last year for 50€!

started by: aliG-367759 · last update: 1291029689 · posted: 1290763821

I have decided to stay in Spain for Christmas and just wondered if you can get turkeys here? I havent seen them as yet?

started by: roberto-368223 · last update: 1289905808 · posted: 1288685635

looking for somewhere really nice for sunday lunch or fine dining. Fabulous meal last night at new restaurant in Los Castanos They only open Friday evenings and Sunday for lunch. brilliant menu ,lovely food .Last night was 20 euros per person for Canapes and cava on arrival starter, main course, dessert, coffees unlimited, water and wine. great value. sunday lunch menu very special 3 course inc everthing mentioned 12.95. It is about 25 mins from mojacar but well worth the drive. cortijolaspiezas@yahoo.com or tel 00349509514198.

started by: grannysmith-367313 · last update: 1289466499 · posted: 1289466499

I went to the new Spanish restaurant in Albox yesterday I think its called El Gallego, its where Run used to be near the Cornish pride. If anyone loves tapas especially fish, then I highly recommend it, the food was very very nice and a good price.

started by: hellboy77 · last update: 1289205500 · posted: 1288778404

I would like to try making a typical english christmas cake this year, so that I can invite my spanish neighbours to try it. anyone got any tips/recipes for me. I gather I should be getting started on it very soon!

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1287828162 · posted: 1286191148

I was buying some olives recently and saw people buying things that looked like leafy stems from some kind of plant, in brine or vinegar. They said they were called "tayyos" (it could be spelt differently but thats how they pronounced it!), before I get some to try for myself can anyone tell me what they are.

started by: cathy-367329 · last update: 1287771623 · posted: 1287136688

Someone was telling me that you can go to the bodegas and take your own containers, pick a wime and fill them up. Has anyone doen this?

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1287735586 · posted: 1287564483

Anyone seen any pumpkins for sale that are suitable for carving eg- not the thick skinned spanish ones, the orange ones they sell in uk

started by: grannysmith-367313 · last update: 1287401726 · posted: 1286874892

I fancied having a try at making some tapas dishes for when some friends come over for a visit. Has anyone got any tried and tested recipes that are quick and easy for me to have a go at?

started by: dannyboy-367322 · last update: 1286986165 · posted: 1286651079

has anyone been to the new lidle yet, wondered if it was worth a trip?

started by: babyblue-367323 · last update: 1286532028 · posted: 1285710477

Has anyone tried the new kebab place yet opposite the regency Snooker Centre?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1286394767 · posted: 1285765955

I cooked too much rice! Has anyone got any nice recipes to help me use it up?

started by: garyg-367459 · last update: 1285414430 · posted: 1285268599

Does anyone know what the new bar / restaurant is near where the road splits just after the Regency snooker place? It looks nice, wasnt sure if they serve food though?

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1284732579 · posted: 1284502874

Just been chatting with a friend, and they've told me they saw a meat called "potro" for sale in the butchers shop. I understand that potro is a young horse? Am I wrong? Please tell me I'm wrong....

started by: kylexy · last update: 1282906702 · posted: 1282728813

I'd like to buy one of those whole jamon's but since they are quite expensive was wondering if any jamon experts could give me tips on how to choose a nice one!

started by: freddy-367375 · last update: 1282739550 · posted: 1282683328

I fancied a good old fish n chip supper with friends for my birthday, can anyone recommend a good takeaway? Arboleas area if poss?

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1282083637 · posted: 1282036355

Just wanted to share this tip with anyone who uses a lot of garlic- you can peel the cloves and put them in a jar in oil in the fridge- they last for ages and when they are all used up you have lovely garlic infused oil to put on your toast!

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