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There used to be a bar in Mojacar called Shenanigans, is it still there?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1281181777 · posted: 1280596372

Am thinking of making a spanish food hamper to send to friends who have had to go back to UK and are homesick for spain! Can anyone make suggestions of typical foods which will be OK to post?

started by: grannysmith-367313 · last update: 1280740069 · posted: 1280701492

I keep seeing this huge ugly fish in Mercadona called Rape. What is it and what would you do with it?

started by: kylexy · last update: 1280341236 · posted: 1280341236

Where is your favourite place for a real english breakfast?

started by: johnarbuthnot · last update: 1280311102 · posted: 1280267277

Someone has just said that the new Community Inn in Cucador is closing. Is this correct? Perhpas it is another place closing..... this has only been open since about Christmas?

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1279792611 · posted: 1279529505

Can anyone tell me how to make moroccan mint tea?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1279009145 · posted: 1278938123

I was given a bag of fruit by our neighbour the other day, and I'm trying to figure out what one of them is, looks and tastes like a peach but sort of squashed looking. I didn't quite catch the name to look it up on google!

started by: roobarb-367764 · last update: 1278668424 · posted: 1277888109

Fruit is so cheap right now anyone got any good jam recipes to share? My gran used to make a lovely plum jam, would particularly like a recipe for that!

started by: lostinspain · last update: 1277494953 · posted: 1277158237

Can anyone recommend a sea front restaurant that serves catch of the day fish dishes. Somewhere along the Vera to Mojacar coastline preferably?

started by: Emi79 · last update: 1276635484 · posted: 1276180494

There is a fish that is supposed to be really nice called Talapia. Has anyone seen it for sale anywhere?

started by: roobarb-367764 · last update: 1276597448 · posted: 1276296723

Anyone got a good recipe for sangria, we are having a bbq party this weekend. Also has anyone heard of white sangria?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1276183000 · posted: 1276165821

Can anyone give me a recipe for lenguado, i bought some on offer and want to make something delcious!

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1273135278 · posted: 1272625038

Like many Brits I love a good cup of tea, but have found that the tea bags from Spanish supermarkets just aren't the same(very weak and flavourless) and I have to keep buying the good old Uk brands, which can be quite expensive. Is it just impossible to get a decent tea unless you purchase imported products? Has anyone found a brand which makes a good cuppa?

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Anyone able to suggest a restaurant with a decent range of vegi options?

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My Spanish neighbour has just given me a bag of snails to eat!! I'm willing to brave it if someone can advise me on how to cook and prepare them...

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I am fed up with spanish bread, i dont like it.....where can i get english bread?

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Anyone seen bird's custard for sale?

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1269368325 · posted: 1269284049

Need some vanilla pods for a recipe, anyone seen them in any of the supermarkets?

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I have tried a few places for Sunday lunches, and all have been disappointing. I dont want to say where I have tried, but is there anyone that has tried a place that is really good that they would recommend?

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Are there any great steak places in and around the Almanzora valley? My dad is coming over and loves his steaks. Has anyone eaten somwhere that they can recommend?

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