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Can anyone recommend a good resaurant doing sunday roasts in area of Albox,[up to 15K].

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I am looking into opening a cocktail bar in the Granada area and a friend of mine said she had seen some fantastic wooden cocktails signs on Mojacar Playa outside a couple of the bars. Has anyone seen them? Has anyone ever taken a picture that they could send to me? I was hoping to find out who made them.

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Has anyone else noticed that the Spanish bread goes dry really quickly? Just wondering if anyone had any ideas to use it up as i end up thowing away lots.

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Just wondering if anyone knew the cheapest place to buy pine nuts(piñones) as everywhere I've seen seems to want 5 euros of more for a tiny pot.

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My partner picked up a pack of picantones in the supermarket yesterday- they are definetly bigger than quails, but i am not sure what they are, does anyone know?

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I tried to make paella yesterday with long grain rice, but it didnt seem right. What kind of rice is it that I am supposed to use please?

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Does anyone know if there is a French restaurant in the Albox area? My parents are coming over for a couple of weeks and love French food. I looked in the llocal papers and couldnt find anywhere.

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Is it only me that hasnt got a clue what all the different Tapas foods are called. I can only speak a bit of Spanish, not been here for long, but when I try to ask I get completely lost......I know lomo is pork and get the salsa bits, but what on earth are the rest of the usual things? Here a few examples.....caracoles...morcilla.....jibia If anyone else knows any that would be really helpful as I cant find them in my dictionary.

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Some while ago I read some very praising reports for halogen ovens which impressed me enough to try and purchase one. The problem is that THANE who sell these on UK TV only post to UK addresses.Could the members who have them tell me how they purchased them if this was from here and not brought over from the UK.Thanks.

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I am thinking of heading over to El Eljido next week, can anyone tell me what day is the market on please? Is it just local produce or do they do clothes, shoes, household stuff too? Is the town worth the visit?

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I have seen a recipe in the local Sol Times, melon and goats cheese with pistachios, its tempting but I am not a big fan on goats cheese, what other cheese would have a similar consistency?

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I have just read that the price of watermelons is so low this year, white ones apparently as low as 10 cents per kilo, that farmers are leaving them to rot rather than pay workers to harvest them. Then why dont they do as good old England with strawberries, and advertise locally for folk to pick their own?

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I have heard a wisper that the Beer Empurium on Mojacar Playa is going to be closing, has anyone else hear anything?

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We saw squares of white blubber, thats what it looked like, on the fish counter this morning I have seen it before and I think its called something like Poton? not sure. Does anyone know what it is exactly and how you would could it?

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Does anyone know of a wholesalers for meat in the Mojacar area please?

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The Wednesday fruit and clothes market is to be moved from the Campo de Fútbol to the Plaza Nueva, Plaza Parterre, Plaza del Frontón and Plaza de Arbellón, all in the village. Also the local police have suggested to drivers not to park in those areas from 11.00pm Tuesday nights.

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If anyone fancies a traditional Sunday Lunch, Meson de Irene are now serving them between 12 and 4. They are near the ITV Garage just outside Albox. Tel: 647 730 103.

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I read recently that a food shop selling mainly British produce was temporarily closed down, why? because it didnt also label the products in Spanish. I dont know what the outcome was but can you imagine Ikea labelling all their Swedish food products in Spanish, or Iceland. It would take forever. I wonder if a fine was involved?

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Can anyone recommend a company that would send gourmet food by special delivery? We have a friend who will be celebrating a 60th birthday, he is from Scotland and we would like to present him with something a bit special. Any ideas?

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Good to hear that this popular restaurant will be re-opening tomorrow night. If you haven´t visited it then you should. Its in the main square in Almerimar, try the special steaks cooked at the table, yummy.

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